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the 9 Best Exercises To Lose Inner Thigh Fat At Home

jeudi 31 août 2017

The thighs are one of the first areas that the body stores excess fat on women. For this reason, many women who are overweight are especially unhappy with the appearance of their thighs. With a combination of strength exercises to target the thighs, a good amount of cardio, and a moderate diet, it’s actually quite simple to slim down and achieve toned thighs. The only hard part is the dedication.

Not everyone has access to gym equipment. However, you can do a huge variety of calisthenic exercises in the comfort of your own home. Some calisthenics that strengthen the thigh muscles include plie squats, side lunges, squat & kick, skater hops, inner leg lifts, leg circles, outer leg lifts, fire hydrants, and fire hydrant kicks. Try doing a combination of several or all of these exercises for at least 15 minutes a day to strengthen the thighs.
An added benefit of increased muscle mass is that it will boost your metabolism, letting you shed fat even faster. However, don’t forget to do the cardio you need to keep your heart healthy, and to eat fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis in order to shed fat healthily


20-Second Workouts for Anyone Who’s Losing Muscle Due to Aging

mardi 29 août 2017

Your body starts to grow from the moment that you are born. Your muscles, though, start to weaken as early as the age of 30! If you’ve seen the other side of your 20’s, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to strengthen your body and reduce muscle degeneration. Thankfully, scientists have pinpointed the most effective type of exercise for counteracting aging muscles and their effects, including immobility and arthritis.

What is muscle atrophy?

Muscle atrophy, or degeneration, happens when your muscles lose mass and, as a result, become smaller and weaker. The more you age, the more the degeneration progresses. This happens because as time goes by, it’s harder for the cells in your body to renew themselves. Mitochondria, the parts of the cell that produce energy, become weaker and fewer in numbers. (9)

When does it start?

You can experience muscle degeneration between the ages of 30 to 40. (5) If you are not physically active, your body can lose up to 5% of muscle mass after the age of 30. When you reach the age of 70 or 80, you will have lost almost half of your muscle mass, so it’s important to include physical exercise in your daily activities for smoother aging. (9)

What are the issues that it causes?

Frailty: the weaker your muscles are, the more frail your body is. According to a study, participants who suffered muscle degeneration were more than three times likely to fall compared to participants whose muscles were stronger. (6)
Disability: muscle degeneration causes limitation in your movements and loss of function in your body. (2) Limited movements can make activities like walking half a mile, climbing stairs, or even doing heavy work around the house impossible. (9)
Arthritis: a study showed that there is a link between participants who suffered muscle degeneration and Rheumatoid Arthritis. This link was more prevalent in women than in men. (3)
Mortality: another study found that patients who underwent pancreatic surgery had a higher risk of dying in the following three years if they had muscle degeneration. (7)
The workout that helps combat muscle atrophy

The issues related to muscle degeneration are serious, but all is not lost. Exercise often helps with this condition, but a new study discovered that there is a specific workout that has an amazing impact on your cells.

The workout

The researchers assigned different workouts to groups of participants. One group lifted weights regularly, another used an exercise bike moderately for 30 minutes and lifted weights lightly, and a third group also used an exercise bike, but was instructed to pedal intensely in four minute intervals.

Not only did the third group build more endurance, but the researchers noticed that the genes of both young and older participants had different activity levels. Specifically, the exercise affected 274 genes in participants 30 years old or younger and almost 400 in those 65 years old or older. The numbers for the other groups were significantly lower.

The study concluded that intervals of intense exercise promoted more and healthier mitochondria which, in return, produced more energy. What is amazing about these findings is that the workout had a more positive effect on the older participants. (8)

Interval training workout

This workout consists of 10 exercises repeated 3 times, each time lasting 20 seconds. After each time take a 10 second break.

• X burpees
• 2 jump jacks + 4 high knees
• Flutter kick squats
• Evan burpees
• Split jumps

Water break

• Butt kickers
• Curtsy jump lunge
• Up and out jacks
• Static squat
• 3,2,1 lunges

Watch the video for more details on how to do each exercise.
How to incorporate interval training into your regular routine

If you already have a regular workout routine, it’s easy to incorporate interval training into it. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Warm up first
Do your regular warm up and be sure to include your neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, legs, and ankles.
Start slow
Exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 40 or 60 seconds. Stick to that time because if you try to exercise more intensely at the beginning you may injure yourself quickly.
Set a timer
Timing is important and it’s better to focus on your workout rather than counting seconds

Work out no more than 3-4 times per week

When you practice interval training, your body needs to relax and recover between days of intense training. If you work out every day, you can do cardio instead. (4)
Use these tips when you do your regular routine. Physical activity is beneficial for your body and your health and it’s never too late to start exercising in a new way.



lundi 28 août 2017

Have you ever dream to be a runner? There are a lot of advantages. You can lose weight and be healthier. It is a great cardio workout. You can do it whatever you want slow or fast, easy or hard. You don’t need any equipment. There are some advantages to improve your fitness.Let’s chaque them.

Walking: Countless numbers of doctors recommend it. Scores of studies extol its benefits. Walking is an incredibly effective exercise. It’s also convenient & easily integrated into daily life. Here’s how to up the ante & turn a regular walk into a challenging workout to burn extra calories, lose weight, tone up and get fit.
Cross training is becoming increasingly popular in gyms everywhere. It can help you quickly improve your overall fitness level thanks to the different exercises done in a certain amount of time. Athletes rely on it to reduce their weaknesses and prepare for more intense training periods. In this article, Domyos tells you all about this new fitness trend that looks like it’s going to be around for a while
Cross training completes traditional weight lifting, which works isolated muscles. Over the past few years, it has become a trendy sport, accessible to anyone, and THE way to get back in shape. It is different from other methods because:
·The intensity is higher than for classic training sessions because you move from exercise to exercise, with movements that use all your muscles and a short recovery time (intensity increases as exercises become harder).
·The functional movements call on all your muscle groups to achieve natural movements such as running, jumping, pushing, throwing or pulling.
·The wide range of exercises adds variety and fun to the sessions.
Week 1
♦ Walk 2 miles
♦ Cross Training
♦ Walk 1.5 miles
♦ Walk 1 mile
♦ Cross Training
♦ Walk 1.5 miles
 Week 2
♦ Walk 2.5 miles
♦ Cross Training
♦ Walk 1.5 miles
♦ Walk 1.5 miles
♦ Cross Training
♦ Walk 2 miles
 Week 3
♦ Walk 3 miles
♦ Cross Training
♦ Walk 1.5 miles
♦ Jog 1.5 miles;
♦ walk 2 miles
♦ Cross Training
♦ Run 1 mile;
♦ walk 2 miles
Week 4
♦ Jog 1 mile;
♦ walk 3 miles Cross Training
♦ Jog 1.5 miles;
♦ Jog 2 miles;
♦ Cross Training
♦ Run 2 miles;
In order to increase your walking times add some cardiovascular step ups to improve your fitness. You should be more attentive to your health. Such training will be useful for anyone. Do it every day and you will have great results.

Four-Minutes-A-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than A Month

jeudi 17 août 2017

Do you desperately want to change your body and get that perfect shape that everyone dreams of? Well, even though it seems like something that you can’t achieve, exercising for 4 minutes a day can be of great help.

Performing plank regularly will help you to get a dynamite body and increase your vitality and stamina.
Well, the first thing you should know is that the results will not come after one day. You need to be dedicated and motivated and continue performing this exercise for 1 month.
Yes, it takes one month for the results to occur! In the beginning, you will need for 20 seconds then gradually increase.
Check out the instructions below, and trust me, after 1 month, you will be amazed by the results!
Here are the instructions:
Day 1 — 20 seconds
Day 2 — 20 seconds
Day 3 — 30 seconds
Day 4 — 30 seconds
Day 5 — 40 seconds
Day 6 — Relax
Day 7 — 45 seconds
Day 8 — 45 seconds
Day 9 — 60 seconds
Day 10 — 60 seconds
Day 11 — 60 seconds
Day 12 — 90 seconds
Day 13 — Relax
Day 14 — 90 seconds
Day 15 — 90 seconds
Day 16 — 120 seconds
Day 17 — 120 seconds
Day 18 — 150 seconds
Day 19 — Relax
Day 20 — 150 seconds
Day 21 — 150 seconds
Day 22 — 180 seconds
Day 23 — 180 seconds
Day 24 — 210 seconds
Day 25 — Relax
Day 26 — 210 seconds
Day 27 — 240 seconds
Day 28 — as much as you can!
How to perform plank correctly                    
It is very important to choose a right position. You should put your hands in the correct position. Your elbows should be beneath the shoulders. Keep your spine straight.
Avoid unnecessary weight on the back and neck. Make sure to keep your legs marginally separated.
Also, it is very important to feel your thighs. Your body is casual while your breathing is moderate.


5 Effective moves to remove Back Fat and Fat from Sides

mercredi 16 août 2017

It seems like every time I turn around, science announces some bizarre, and often unpleasant, discovery.
But for the first time in a long while, science has brought forth findings that are not only pleasant, they’re downright fun.
According to recent studies, if you’re looking for an accurate personality test, look no further than your very own hands — more specifically, Index Finger.
We collected some simple but effective exercises for you. Performing them regularly at home for 2-3 weeks can tone up your back muscles.

1. Side bends to remove Back fat

side bends to remove back fat 5 Effective moves to remove Back Fat and Fat from Sides
  • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Raise one hand up, and put the palm on the back of your head.
  • Take a dumbbell in your other hand, and lower it down.
  • Make short bends toward your arm with the dumbbell.

2. Forward folds

grow taller touch toes 5 Effective moves to remove Back Fat and Fat from Sides
  • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lean forward without bending your knees.
  • Try to get to the floor with your hands.
  • Reach the floor.

3. Push-ups

back fat push ups 5 Effective moves to remove Back Fat and Fat from Sides
  • Get into a high plank position.
  • Shift your center of gravity to your arms.
  • Lower your body, bending your arms at the elbows.
  • Return to the initial position.

4. Superman pose to reduce back fat

superman back fat 5 Effective moves to remove Back Fat and Fat from Sides
  • Lie on your stomach, stretching your arms and legs.
  • Raise both legs and arms at the same time, bending your back.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  • Return to the initial position.

5. Bow Pose reduce back fat

  • Lie on your stomach.
  • Pull your arms forward.
  • Bend your back, lifting your head, arms, and legs up at the same time.
  • Grab your ankles.
  • Inhale deeply. Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  • With an exhalation, relax the muscles, and return to the initial position.


mardi 15 août 2017

Nowadays, people are taking more and more care about their health than ever before, which is a very good thing. In order to maintain their body in good shape, some go to the gym and buy expensive equipment to also exercise at home and they also take supplements. Others decide to make healthier diet choices and exercise on a regular basis in the comfort of their own home, without any expensive equipment or ‘magical’ supplements

If you also want to lead a healthier life, you need to eat a healthier diet and be more physically active. This will pay off, believe us! For that purpose, we’ve prepared 5 exercises that you can combine with a healthy diet for amazing results within 30 days! Soon enough, you will have the body you’ve always wanted…


One of the most beneficial, yet, underrated exercises. It will help you have ripped abs and strong shoulders. You need to take push-up position on the ground and then bend the elbows at 90 degrees. The body needs to be in a straight line while you support it with the elbows, forefeet, and forearms. Hold the position as long as you can. Make sure not to move the buttock and waist.

This exercise will involve every muscle in the body. You just need to set the body in plank position and push it up using the hands. The buttock, legs, and back need to be straightened. Make few repetitions.


Squats are great for strengthening the core, stimulating a healthy fat burning, and building strong calves, hams, and quads. Take the primary squat position and stretch the arms forward. Do the squats slowly and make sure the face is faced forward and the spine straightened. Go as low as you can. The hips need to be parallel to the ground. However, don’t force yourself if you cannot do this.


Begin in plank position and support the body on the hands and knees. Then, stretch one leg and one arm on the opposite side. The body needs to be straight and balanced. Maintain the position for few seconds and then repeat the same with the other leg and the opposite arm. This exercise will strengthen the spine and abdominal area.

Lying Hip Raises

Lie flat on the ground and bend the knees. The feet need to touch the floor. Next, stretch the arms outwards at a 45 degree angle. Squeeze the glute muscles and raise the hips. Repeat the movement few times.

Very beneficial 4-week exercise plan:

It’s comprised of 2 different basic workouts. Let’s take a look:

1st Workout
Plank – 1 minute;
Push-ups – 1 minute;
Squats – 2 minutes;
Bird-dog – 1 minute;
Lying hip raises – 1 minute;
Plank – 1 minute;
Push-ups – 1 minute;
Squats – 2 minutes
Make 10-second breaks in between
2nd Workout
Plank – 3 minutes;
Bird-dog – 3 minutes;
Lying hip raises – 3 minutes;
Push-ups – 1 minute

Make 15-second breaks in between

You have a rest day after the 6-day workout plan.

1st Week
1stDay – 1stWorkout
2ndDay – 2ndWorkout
3rdDay – 1stWorkout
4thDay – 2ndWorkout
5thDay – 1stWorkout
6thDay – 2ndWorkout
7thDay – rest
2nd Week
1stDay – 2ndWorkout
2ndDay – 1stWorkout
3rdDay – 2ndWorkout
4thDay – 1stWorkout
5thDay – 2ndWorkout
6thDay – 1stWorkout
7thDay – rest

After you are done with the 2nd week, start all over. With the help of this program, your body with be stronger and tighter and you will be much healthier than before. Your energy levels will increase and you will look and feel better. Good luck!



Wear Those Sleeveless Dresses and Try These Workouts for Melting Arm Fat and Toning Upper Arm

jeudi 10 août 2017
Women store more fat than men, especially in thighs, arms, hips…
If you tone the arms, you can wear sleeveless dresses better and with more muscle mass you can feel even prettier.
Here are some tips for this:

The main arm fat causes

Many people gain weight in puberty and most cannot remove this so easy. Teresse Alexander said people gain 15 lbs in arms, back, hips, thighs, breasts too…
Slow metabolism is not the only reason, said Mayo Clinic. Metabolism affects weight since this is for processing foods and drinks. But, the amount of food is not controlled here.
In case you cannot tone the muscles on arms, try fastening the metabolism and make life changes. If you workout and use more energy than from food, you can achieve good arms in no time.

Workouts for upper arm toning

With these you will activate the main 3 arm muscles.

These are:

1. Shoulder
In the top of the arm next to neck
2. Biceps
Underneath shoulder, facing forward at top of arm
3. Triceps
Underneath the bicep, backward facing
You just need weights and the video below will show you more.
Stretch before starting.

Other tips for toning arms

1. Have a healthy diet
This is vital, also try reducing sugars and fat. Muscles inside are made of various proteins, so eat more lean proteins for muscle mass. As to the Academy of nutrition and dietetics an average person needs 0.8 g protein per body weight kg, daily. Eat legumes, nuts, tofu, eggs, fish, milk. Never skip breakfast and this can stop you from overeating. More calories late in the day means no energy spending.
2. Lots of water
Along this have green tea too. Water gives hydration, bad hydration means no physical or mental performance. Maximize energy this way. The green tea speeds metabolism and digestion.
3. Cardio workouts
This and weight workouts daily tones arms in no time. American college of sport science said these workouts make muscles, cardio health and well-being. Cardio makes you pump more oxygen and burn calories. High endurance means longer time of stamina, more burnt calories and more muscle. Try walking, cycling, swimming, running.

How Many Steps a Day Can Help You Lose Weight

dimanche 6 août 2017

Numerous people are fighting with their excess pounds on a daily basis, and modern fat-loss diets are rarely efficient.

Have you ever dreamt of losing weight without being aware of it?
Well, it Ii possible!
What’s more, you do not need any money or special equipment, as you just need to walk more than usual! Isn’t that fantastic?
Yet, how many steps are needed daily for you to lose weight?
Apparently, the number of calories burnt sis determined by two factors: the body weight, and the walking area.
To put this in numbers; If you walk for an hour with an average speed of 4 miles per hour, you will burn 400 calories. Or, you should make 2,000 steps to burn 100 calories or to walk a mile.
To lose a pound a week, which is the healthiest way to lose excess body weight and avoid the yo-yo effect, you need to burn 3,500 calories. Therefore, you should burn 500 calories daily, or walk 5 miles.
This is extremely simple, and you can start by changing your everyday routines a bit. You should stop using bus or taxi, and walk instead. Moreover, you can walk to work, and walk your children to school.
Also, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and start parking your car a bit further than your destination.
During the first three days, you need to walk for only 15 to 20 minutes, and then gradually increase the time to half an hour or even an entire hour daily.  Studies have shown that this is a healthy and effective way to lose weight.
Over time, you will get used to the new walking routine, and you will lose weight without being aware of it!



mercredi 26 juillet 2017
It is not a secret that many woman around the world have such a problem as armpit fat. Sometimes you want to wear a beautiful summer dress or a swimsuit, but you can notice hanging “wings” and fat around the bra. In order to solve this problem completely, you should regularly do physical exercises and take responsibility for your diet.

Do 3 sets 15 repetitons each day and you will see the result for 3 weeks.
1) Arm Circle   ♦ 30 seconds to 1 minute ♦
Image result for Arm Circle gif
With arms straight out to each side, do small, fast arm circles, 30 seconds to 1 minute forward, then 30 seconds to 1 minute backward.
2) Push Up  ♦ 3 sets of 20 repetitions ♦
Image result for Push Up  gif
Nothing beats this good old exercise when it comes to getting a good pump. Almost all of us have done this exercise at one point or another. Over the years this exercise has grown so much in popularity that most people know how to perform it correctly.
For the rest: lie down with your chest facing the floor. Place your hands shoulder-width apart and keep your elbows flared out. Lower yourself until your chest is an inch away from touching the ground. Get back to the starting position in an explosive manner.
3) Bicep Curls ♦ 3 sets of 20 repetitions ♦
Image result for Bicep Curls gif
Begin sitting or standing with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing up. Keeping your elbows rested into the side of your torso, curl one dumbbell in an upward motion bringing it to your shoulder. Lower the dumbbell to the starting position and repeat with the opposite hand. A set of two curls, one on each side, equals one repetition. This exercise is most effective when elbows are kept pressed into the body which isolates the biceps.
4) Tricep Extention ♦ 3 sets of 20 repetitions ♦
Image result for Tricep Extension  gif
Holding a dumbbell in both hands, straighten it above your head, then bend your elbows down behind your head and neck, holding the weight steady. Press back up to starting position. Make sure that your elbows stay close to your ears and don’t flare out to the sides. This will ensure that you are working your triceps!
5) Front Raises  ♦ 3 sets of 20 repetitions ♦
Image result for Lateral Raises  gif
Standing dumbbell front raises work your deltoid, or shoulder, muscles. If you do this basic, single-joint exercise with improper form, you increase your risk of shoulder impingement, which is a painful condition of the shoulder joint. Follow the dos and don’ts of the standing dumbbell front raise to increase the effectiveness of the exercise and reduce your risk of injury.


mardi 25 juillet 2017
You must know this principles if trying you want to be healthier:
  • You must train your muscle tone
  • Cardio for fat loss
  • Eat healthy food 
It’s very simple.
Here the 30 day challenge to help you be more beautiful
This challenge works when you incorporate 3 principles mentioned above. 30 day butt and leg challenge helps you reduce your excess weight through calories burned and increased metabolism.
This challenge is adjustable to your wellness level. On the off chance that day 1 is too simple, begin with a day that is all the more difficult. In like manner, if day 1 is excessively testing, do as much as you can and develop step by step until the point that you can move to day 2
Stick with this program, and it does not matter your current fitness level . You will see how your muscles tone and strength after 30 days
The first day 
♦ 5 Front Lunges
♦ 5 Squats
♦ 5 Back Lunges
♦ 5 Curtsy Lunges
The second day 
♦ 7 Front Lunges
♦ 7 Squats
♦ 7 Back Lunges
♦ 7 Curtsy Lunges
The third day 
♦ 8 Curtsy Lunges
♦ 8 Front Lunges
♦ 8 Squats
♦ 8 Back Lunges
The fourth day
♦ 10 Front Lunges
♦ 10 Squats
♦ 10 Curtsy Lunges
♦ 10 Back Lunges
The fifth day 
♦ 15 Squats
♦ 15 Front Lunges
♦ 15 Back Lunges
♦ 15 Curtsy Lunges
The sixth day 
♦ 20 Front Lunges
♦ 20 Squats
♦ Back Lunges
♦ 20 Curtsy Lunges
The seventh day
♦ Front Lunges ♦
• Standing in a upright position, shoulder wide apart
• Take a step slightly further forward to the front
• Keeping your core tight, and neutral back
• Bend your knees down (like the picture on the right)
• Concentrating on using your lower body to lift yourself back up into original position
♦ Squats ♦
•Start in a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart and hands clasped in front of chest, elbows slightly bent.
•Brace your abs, push your hips back and bend your knees, lowering the body into a squat. Pause at the bottom, then push back up to the starting position
♦ Back Lunges 
• Lunges are a great exercise, but don’t limit yourself to walking lunges when there are several options to break the monotony. Here are four of the most overlooked cousins of the traditional lunge that are guaranteed to make your legs feel like Jell-O
♦ Back Lunges 
•Start from standing, and step your left leg behind you and to the right so your thighs cross, bending both knees as if you were curtsying. Make sure your front knee is aligned with your front ankle.
•Return to standing, and switch sides to complete one rep.
•Do three sets of 12 to 15 reps.

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