11 Things That An Empath Will Hide From You

dimanche 5 novembre 2017

Empaths are unique and special people. Even though they don’t show it, they are very emotional. If you are surrounded with empaths you should carefully read the following:

Empaths are very sensitive to feelings and energies. They can absorb other people’s feelings which can be very dangerous, especially if their friends and closest ones are negative people. Empaths usually don’t share their problems. If you have a friend or a family member that is an empath, you should be careful. Empaths will always be with you if you need something, even if you didn’t ask for their help. They know when something is not okay because they can sense it. Being always there for their friends and family makes them feel exhausted. They will never mention their difficulties, even though they asked you about yours.

Speaking about empaths, you have to be very thoughtful so you don’t hurt them. You have to observe them because problem sharing is not their thing.  They will even try to hide it from you. Every empath has the following characteristics:

Their Responsiveness
The empath is a real healer and it is naturally for him/her to take care of the people around. The empaths don’t like to burden others with their problems; hence they choose not telling anyone. They constantly try to hide their sensibility.

Empaths Digest Other People’s Emotions
If you haven’t notice it, when you are in a bad mood the empath will be in a bad mood too. This happens because they digest the emotions of other people and they can feel what other people are going through. As we mention before, they are reserved and scared of the society so it won’t mark them as “different”.

Empaths usually like to spend time alone. They are very fragile and they can absorb all the energy around them, so the only peaceful place where they can rest is when they are alone. They are wallflowers, although sometimes they can be engaged in extrovert activities.

They Become Refreshed In Nature
If one of your friends is empath, I am sure that you have noticed that the empaths enjoy being outside. They will grab each opportunity for walking in the nature. The empaths do this because the nature makes them feel refreshed and full with positivity!

They Know When Someone Lies
The empaths have many abilities. One of them is recognizing someone’s intentions. They are great at detecting lies. If they know that you are lying they won’t comment about it, but they will never forget it.

Sometimes They Give Everything They Have
The empaths are healers and it’s in their nature to offer help to the people around them. Sometimes they can give so much that it will lead them to emotional mess. Ignoring their feelings for longer period of time can provoke abundance. If you notice that they are exaggerating you should advice them to stop.

They Are Magnets for Negative People
Although the empaths will never share any feeling with someone else, they are magnets for negative people. These people can easily connect with the empaths, because they won’t be mad and they will always understand them. All of their positive thoughts are being turned into negative. They are afraid of frequently becoming a target of negative people.

They Are Very instinctive
Empaths have strong connection with their intuitiveness and they can decide about something just from their instinct.  They know how to listen and they are very connected with the universe. Empaths can absorb more things from the expected.

Most of the time they are stressed
Empaths can feel different emotions and they can get easily overloaded and hurt, especially when they are trying to finish more things at the same time. This can affect their health.

People are using them
As we have already mentioned, the empaths are strong people. They can listen to you; they can understand you and you can rely on them. However, there are manipulators who can drain them and who can take advantage of them.

Empaths Know How To Love
When it comes to empaths, they are easy to love. They always care about their partners and about the society in general. If an empath loves you, be sure that his love is very deep and honest. Unlike other people, empaths know the value of the close people in their lives and they are really thankful for that. Being with an empath means that you have your life partner or a best friend!

Source > awarenessact.com
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