Causes & Symptoms of Bladder Infections And How To Prevent It

jeudi 5 octobre 2017

Is your urine burning like red hot chili? Are you making endless journeys in the bathroom but still you think you need urine again? Infections in the bladder are one of those sneaky problems that come in bad without any hindrance and hit you right in the stomach – quite literally!

Anyone suffering from this problem knows that he likes to stay in the toilet seat, and is expected to remove the feeling of ‘urgency’, but nothing is getting in return. As a result, you feel curious with an uncomfortable feeling in the bed and spend the day with cramps and curled stomach. Or if you have an urge to pee, you have to hold it as long as possible, because of the burning sensations.

Cause of Bladder infection

Infections in the bladder are mainly caused by bacteria E. Coli. Bacteria can live in the intestines and on the skin of a healthy person without any ill effects. However, when it gets the chance to travel and multiply through the urethra, it generates infections.

Many scenarios allow bacteria to go to the bladder, such as:

After the bowel movement, wiping back from the front
Having sex
Using an infected tampon
Using a Diaphragm for Birth Control
During pregnancy, the embryo can put pressure on the bladder, it can prevent it from completely emptying, it provides the right environment for the growth of the bacteria.
Menopause can also change the balance of bacteria in the vagina, which can lead to infection.

bladdrremedy Causes & Symptoms of Bladder Infections And How To Prevent It

Preventing Bladder Infections

To prevent bladder infections, you can make changes to the following lifestyle:

Drink six to eight glasses of water in one day. Do not hold Urine back as soon as you feel the urine.
Behind the back of the urine or urine movement. Do not use the dove and avoid the use of female hygiene spray, aromatic soap or powder. Instead of bathing in a tub, take showers with running water. Wear cotton underwear and loose clothing. Avoid using diaphragm or spermicides for birth control. Pee before and after sexual intercourse.

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