5 Signs That You Might Have an Internal Blood Clot

jeudi 7 septembre 2017
Internal Blood clots can be formed in due to many factors such as High blood sugar, Sickel cell anemia, High Cholesterol etc. So, the formation of Internal blood clots is a seriously alarming condition. The problem is that internal blood clots are not visible to naked eyes and we often make mistake to miss the signs and symptoms.
blood clot 5 Signs That You Might Have an Internal Blood Clot

5 signs that you have an Internal Blood Clot

1. Swollen Limbs

The first danger of internal clot is that it can obstruct the blood flow, and organs can swell fatally. The condition is called as “Deep Vein Thrombosis”. It is dangerous because obstruction in the blood flow can prevent nutrients and oxygen from reaching to the organ tissues. So, never ignore if you suspect any unexplained swellings on the limbs.

2. Pain, Numbness or Tenderness

Interrupted blood supply to tissue can generate pain and make the organs numb. It can also cause tissue tenderness. Immediately massage or move the body part you are feeling pain or numbness in.
clooys 5 Signs That You Might Have an Internal Blood Clot

3. Chest Pain and Heavy Breathing

If the clot is interrupting the blood flow to any vital organ such as brain, heart or lungs, the situation can become critical. The decreased flow of blood and oxygen can send the body signals to obtain more oxygen. Hence, one can start breathing heavily and can get pains in the chest.
Clots in the veins supplying blood to the brain can lead to stroke as well.

4. Unexplained cough

A cough without any cold symptoms can be linked with a blood clot in lungs. Pay attention to your breath, chest and heart rate.
dvdvd 5 Signs That You Might Have an Internal Blood Clot

5. Red streaks on The Skin

A strange mark or bruise in the form of a blood clot is dangerous for you. If you can observe red streaks running along with your veins it is not a normal bruise. You need medical attention immediately. If you touch the bruised area, it will feel warm to you.
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