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Urunary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that affects any part of the urinary system- bladder, uretres, kidneys and urethra.
If the infection only affects your bladder can be painful and annoying, but if it spreads to your kidneys can cause serious consequences. It is a fact that women are at greater risk of developing UTI than men are.
Signs and symptoms of UTI may include:
A burning feeling when you urinate
Passing frequent, small amounts of urine
Cloudy, dark or bloody urine
Strange-smelling urine
Pain in your back or lower abdomen
Natural Cure for Urinary Tract Infection
There is a fruit that has been used medicinally since the 2nd centery and it is called Uva ursi or bearberry ( because bears like eating the fruit).
It is used primarily for urinary tract disorders, including infections of the bladder, urethra and kidney; increased urination;swelling (inflammation) of the urinary tract;  painful urination; and urine that contains excess uric acid or other acids.
This amazing fruit can also be used for a lung condition called bronchitis as well as against constipation.
According to many researches, this herb helps in reducing the inflammation and fightt infection, and they believe that the herb best works when a person’s urine is alkaline since acid destroys its antibacterial effect. Start consuming it the minute you notice the first sign of infection.
The herb is easily available at drugstores in supplement forms.
How to use:
Pediatric: Children should not use uva ursi in no case.
Adult: Anyone with a kidney infection, or when pregnant, should not use this herb since it is toxic when taken in high dosis. First consult with your doctor. Recomended adult dose is:
Tea: In 5 oz of water soak 3 g of dried leaves and leave it for 12 to 24 hours. Strain and drink hot or cold 3 to 4 times on daily basis.
Take this kind of herbs with care, under supervision of a healt care provides since they can trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements or medications.
Take Uva ursi no longer than 5 days under a health care provider’s supervision. Also, don’t take series of uva ursi more than 5time in one year.
People that should not take Uva ursi are: pregnant or breast feeding women, people with high blood pressure, people who have Crohn’s disease, with digestive problems, ulcers, and kidney or liver disease.
Reported side effects are generally mild and include nausea and vomiting, irritability, and insomnia.

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