Fast Treatment For Migraine Headaches And How To Prevent It

samedi 30 septembre 2017

A migraine is also one of the major diseases in today’s era. This disease is growing rapidly due to a runny life, irregular food, stress and lack of nutrients. The pain of a migraine starts from the side of one side of the head and then spreads in the entire head. Sometimes it lasts from about four hours to 72 hours.

Those who have high or low blood pressure, diabetes, infections and the accumulation of toxic elements in the body increases the risk of becoming the migraine victim.

mightatsc Fast Treatment For Migraine Headaches And How To Prevent It

Tips To Treat A Migraine

Regular use of medicines prescribed by the doctor when a migraine occurs.
Do Yoga, Meditation and Morning Walk, especially exercise on regular basis.

Use the umbrella while leaving the house. Protect your eyes from direct Sun light.
Eat food at strict schedules, avoid irregular eating. It can trigger pain.

Keep cold water strip on the head. The blood vessels that have spread through in a migraine will return to their former state.

Put a henna paste on the head. It provides a lot of comfort from pain.
Eat green leafy vegetables and juices such as carrots, spinach, cucumber, seasonal fruits, and vegetables.

As soon as the headache starts, keep a pinch salt on the tip of the tongue, drink water after half a minute, the headache will disappear.

How To Prevent A Migraine?

Do not put too much emphasis on your eyes when having a migraine.
If you are a migraine patient then stay away from high-light beams and loud noises.
Do not get out of the house in the sun or in the cold.
Drink plenty of water. Drink at least 9 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day.
Eat a bit of food at regular intervals. Do not eat heavy meals at once.
If you have a migraine due to food allergies, avoid those fruits, vegetables, and cereals.
Never let the migraine patient fast, and do not eat foods that contain fat.
Stay away from pressure or stress.

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