6 Symptoms of Emotional Deficiency in Children

jeudi 21 septembre 2017

In this post we want to share with you, so you can detect them in time, the 6 symptoms of emotional Deficiency in children that hinder healthy growth. How to make our adult children healthy? A question that we often face.

Lack of affection is a situation of lack of care, protection, attention and attachment suffered or suffered by a child by his or her mother or habitual caregiver during the first years of life.

This lack of affection may be due to a multitude of circumstances such as neglect, abuse or other less traumatic family situations, but leave the child unattended at the affective and relational level.

The need for affection for child development

Throughout the first months and years, the human baby needs caresses, hugs, kisses and loving words that stimulate their growth and brain maturation.

Without this affective warmth, without this maternal-filial attachment, neural development is not adequately completed.

We know that it is not enough to feed the baby to grow up healthy, we must transmit affection and affection, make him feel that he is loved so that it develops properly not only in the affective plane, but also physical and mental.

In the current society in which we live, immersed in a frenetic activity and with working hours not suitable for family conciliation, many children live without affection, affection and affective relationships necessary for their proper development.

It is not necessary for the child to be subjected to extreme causes such as mistreatment, neglect, abandonment, long hospitalizations, separations or traumatic divorces, to be in a situation of more or less serious affective deficiency.

Poor quality care contributes significantly to the deterioration of the child’s development.

Children who spend hours and hours in front of the television or computer screen are not enjoying the affection or social or intellectual interactions that correspond to their age.

This tendency to leave children with the virtual nanny for long hours creates an impersonal parenting style, guiding children towards technology and abandoning the human factor.

6 symptoms that your child has actual deficiencies

Children who do not feel loved by their parents, in a cold, hostile, aggressive or negligent environment may end up developing more or less serious psychological disorders. The consequences of the affective deficits suffered during the first years of life are often irremediable. Some of these symptoms are:

1. Problems with impulse control, with sudden behavioral changes and aggressive responses.

2. General distrust.

3. Poor language development and social skills.

4. Attention deficit.

5. Anxiety disorders.

6. Difficulties to express feelings and problems to modulate them.

All these symptoms can reach adulthood by meeting with egocentric people, with few social skills and emotionally dependent. (English)

In spite of all the above, it is not enough to drive us crazy. What I want to say is that feeling guilty and bad parents is usually typical of the best parents …

Parents and mothers that we want to do well and that we make mistakes.

Parents and mothers who watch our children and detect the consequences of our mistakes.

Usually parents who care little about their children do not usually blame themselves for anything, do not read these types of articles or feel that they should change their attitude at all.

So if you are reading this and you recognize any of the symptoms do not consider yourself the worst parent or the worst mother in the world.

Just reconsider your performance a little, change your habits as your circumstances allow you.

Learn to organize according to what is important and not urgent and take some time each day to deliver it with quality to your children, so that both enjoy it.

Play with him to one of his video games (pretending that in these times the children do not play with consoles is a titanic work and you already know the saying: “If you can not with your enemy, join him”).

Lastly, do not forget the affectivity, kiss it, caress it, make it part of the emotional world and the physical contact.

We do not really need a lot of time, not many explanatory books to strengthen our emotional bond with them.

Simply search within yourself, connect with all the Love that certainly makes you feel and let yourself be carried by it.
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