5 Easy Tips That Increase Your Intellect And Capacity Of Brain

samedi 30 septembre 2017

Looking for ways to boost your intellect, to stop the mental aging, and maybe live a longer life? You will be surprised to know that not only are these strategies in existence, but many people can easily reach your daily routine through simple changes here and there easily.

By embracing following strategies, you can boost your intelligence, help keep you mentally healthy, and finally make yourself smart too.

1. Eat Animal-based Fats

Dococytocyanic acid (DHA) omega-3 fats, is an essential structural component of both your brain and retina. Almost 60 percent of your brain is made of fat – 25 percent of which is DAA. DHA is also an essential structural component of breast milk, which is believed to be a major cause of breastfed children consistently score high on IQ tests compared to formula-fed children.

2. Take Vitamin D

Active Vitamin D receptors increase nerve growth in your brain, and researchers found the metabolic path of cerebral cerebellum and hippocampus for vitamin D, which is involved in planning, processing, and forming new memories.

3.Take Enough Rest

Sleep is not necessary to reborn your physical body only, but it is necessary to be able to reach new mental insights and see new creative solutions to old problems. Sleep eliminates blinders and helps to “reset” your brain to see problems from a different perspective, which is important for creativity.

4. Take Vitamin B12

Its lack of this vitamin is called “Canary in Colemen” for your future brain health, and recent research has strengthened the importance of this vitamin to keep your brain sharp with age.
According to the latest research, the high levels of markers for the vitamin B12 deficiency were likely to score less on cognitive testing, as well as a small total brain volume, which states that vitamin deficiency is due to the brain Can contribute to shrinkage.

5. Tease Your Brain

One of the simplest ways to promote your brain function is to keep an eye on learning. The size and structure of the neurons and the relationship between them actually change as you learn.
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