12 cancer-causing things you need to remove from your bedroom right now

mardi 12 septembre 2017

The best way to stay healthy is to eat a healthy diet and stay in shape with regular exercise, but you also shouldn’t disregard the importance of removing some carcinogenic things in your home. There are plenty of items we keep in our home which leak carcinogenic compounds that are really taking a toll on our health – this includes furniture and clothing, as well as bed sheets and pillows. Here are 12 cancer-causing things that you should immediately remove from your home:

Replace the clothes made of inorganic materials

The clothes we wear every day are made from nylon and other synthetic materials based on liquid coal or gasses. These materials are sprayed through a special nozzle called a spinneret which creates micro threads that are woven together to create fabric. Nylon, Teflon and PVC release carcinogens that are highly harmful to our body, which is why you should replace your clothes with ones made of organic material.

Replace your pillows and pillow cases

In general, pillows and pillow cases are made of cotton for which most people think is the best material to sleep on. However, cotton is one of the most sprayed plants – it is full of insecticides and pesticides that could really harm our health. This is why it’s best to replace your pillows with ones made of hemp or linen. Organic cotton is also a good choice.

Remove particle board and MDF furniture from your bedroom

MDF is shredded wood sprayed with resin and bonding agents such as formaldehyde that are confirmed as carcinogenic and harmful to our health. This type of furniture can lead formaldehyde in the air for years, which can have a significant negative effect on your health.

Eliminate faux furniture from your home

Faux furniture made from synthetic leather looks great, but it can also harm our health. Synthetic leather is made from PVC, a confirmed endocrine disruptor that can damage several important organs in the body. Faux furniture leaks a significant amount of formaldehyde and ammonia as well, two carcinogenic compounds that have been known to accelerate the development of tumors.

Get rid of the rugs

Rugs are practical, but they also collect dust and are made from dangerous synthetics that can put your health and the health of your loved ones in great danger.

No-VOC paint

The pain we usually use on our walls contains carcinogenic compounds that can cause a variety of cancer types. Instead of this type of paint, you should paint your home with non-volatile organic compound paints that won’t harm your health.

Shoe-free zone

You should divide your shoes on outside and inside groups. Never wear your outside shoes inside – this will allow potentially harmful compound to enter your home and put your health in danger.

Avoid using electronic devices in your bedroom

Laptops, tablets and TV shouldn’t be present in your bedroom – they have been related to insomnia and other sleeping disorders which can leave you without energy in the morning and cause the development of serious health problems.

Replace your mattress often

Most people aren’t aware that the mattresses we sleep on are sprayed with flame retardants and various chemicals that have been related to numerous types of cancer. Replace your mattress more often or at least cover them with organic materials to reduce your exposure to toxins.

Buy a high-quality air cleaner

Air cleaners with HEPA filters are relatively cheap and will keep the air in your home free of toxins such as formaldehyde. Put one in your bedroom so you can sleep better.

Replace your shades and drapes

The drapes we all use can accumulate dust over the years as well as air pollutants that can put our health in danger. Replace them with wood blinds and make sure to get organic material drapes as well.
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