Why it is Dangerous to Use Cellphone in The Toilet

lundi 21 août 2017
Technology has changed our lives in a drastic way. We know to carry our cell phones everywhere, even in the bathroom. The older generation was reading newspaper or magazines in the bathroom which now got replaced with the phone. Have a chat or phone calls in the bathroom have become a common thing.

However, do you know what this habit does to you?

This dangerous habit makes you exposed to germs and bacteria like salmonella.
mobiletoi Why it is Dangerous to Use Cellphone in The Toilet
A hygiene expert Dr. Lisa Ackerley explains that when you clean your buttock and afterward pick up your phone the bacteria stick to your phone which makes washing your hands a worthless process. Director of biomedical science Dr. Ron Cutler, from Queen Mary’s University in London, has suggested people not to carry their phones to the toilet.
The level of contamination totally depends on which toilet you are using. In the office bathroom or a restroom in a hotel, you get more exposed to different kind of viruses as many people have used the toilet before you.
cellphine toilet Why it is Dangerous to Use Cellphone in The Toilet
Dr. Ackerley explains that viruses not only stick to your hands, but also to the things that you use. Like, you should not keep your toothbrush or towel close to your toilet roll holder or any shelf near the toilet. Because germs can stick on your towel or toothbrush and can get transferred to your body.
As your mobile phone heats up, it provides a warm environment for reproduction and survival of bacteria.
Now imagine, you used your phone in the toilet and now using it while having breakfast.
When you use your fingertips coated to some food items or a little bit of oil you are actually providing food to the bacteria which is growing on your phone screen. How bad is it to have a bunch of bacteria on your phone?
celpbacck Why it is Dangerous to Use Cellphone in The Toilet
The habit of using the phone in the toilet is unhygienic and hazardous for your health. So, next time you go to the toilet, don’t take on your phone from your pocket or purse. Get rid of the habit of using the phone in a toilet for your better health.
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