Scrub to Remove Blackheads & Dead Skin Quickly

mardi 22 août 2017

Blackheads are a really common issue, especially for the ladies. It appears primarily on nose and chin location. These black spots look extremely uncomfortable. Well, do not worry!

You don’t require any unique brand name because we talk about the very best homemade scrub to getting rid of blackheads. When you will use it, you will get amazing results in 5 minutes.


  • Rice Flour
  • Fresh Lemon Juice


Take 1/2 teaspoon of rice flour and 5– 6 drops of lemon juice. Mix them well.
Now remove your all makeup, and massage the mix on your face with your finger.
Gently rub this mix in a circular motion for few minutes.
Then wait for a couple of minutes and wash off with cool water. It will cleanse the pores deeply and remove your blackheads.
Rice is a traditional beauty ingredient that’s been passed down through the generations, very much a part of Korea’s beauty legacy. Rice water as a skin care ingredient has not been widely researched, but it is said to help smooth a rough texture, minimize pores, and encourage a brighter complexion.
Lemon works on the acne-prone by reducing both, oil secretions and pimple-causing bacteria. Lemon reduces pigmentation in the form of dark patches/spots, tanning or melasma with the help of its two integral components, Vitamin C, and citric acid.
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