Castor Oil And Baking Soda Can Heal The Body

dimanche 23 juillet 2017

The benefits of castor are known for centuries. This could treat many health issues. It can even resolve 24 problems.

The plant named ricinus communis is 50% castor oil  and is good due to ricinoleic acids.

Even in ancient Egypt this oil was used.  Mostly for purging though. It also boosts blood flow an is used for beauty.

For removal of joint pain and better blood flow, apply this oil in compress. It will absorb properly

For this you need hot water bottle, kitchen paper and gauze or cloth.


Clean the area with baking soda and water. Soak cloth in the castor and cover the area, then wrap kitchen foil. Put the bottle on the compress wrap and after 60 min, rinse. Do this daily for 40 days.

The compress cures also varicose veins, PMS, digestion, inflammation, liver work and such.


Mix of baking soda and castor can lighten dark skin.
Apply with massage for removal of stretch marks.
Healing bruises, cuts and small wounds. Massage the scalp to make new hair growth
Removes pilonidal cysts
Massage ankles to remove pain and sprain
Consume 3 drops with water for 4 months and cure tinnitus
1 drop in the eyes cures cataract
Sip 5 drops daily for allergy
Rub It on the neck and treat throat nodules as you thicken the cords.
Allergy and conjunctivitis are cured if you rub the oil on the lids, before sleeping.
1 drop of the oil in ear, removes wax plugs.
Sip 2 drops daily and remove nicotine, also this cures alcoholism
Massage soles on feet and remove calluses
Apply on the belly and cure diarrhea
Castor and lavender relaxes hyperactivity and muscle issues
Apply on the back for cervical and lumbar pains
Removes athlete’s foot or fungi
Rubbed on warts makes them gone
Rubbed on chest stops snoring
With baking soda it alkalizes the body

1 drops castor on bug bites stops inflammation and itching

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