If You See This Bug In Your House, Call The Extermination Service RIGHT AWAY! Do Not Try To Kill It By Yourself!

lundi 3 avril 2017
This is really serious and dangerous. Do not ignore this…
Take a good look at this bug. This bug is called “killing bug” or “kissing bug”. It is the most dangerous bug in the world.
This bug causes the dangerous disease called American Tripanosamiasis, which is deadly not only for people, but for animals as well. It is also called Chagas, and people in Texas have experienced its consequences the hard way. These bugs transmit the disease by biting. They feed on human or animal blood. When they bite, they leave part of their spit, which is dangerous to people’s health.
Chagas is called silent killer, as most people do not even know that they are infected until the disease gets to an advanced stage. When the disease becomes visible and noticeable, it means that it has reached an advanced stage. The most common symptoms are swelling of the eyelids and anaphylactic shock. This shock can lead to suffocation, or even death in some extreme cases. The initial symptoms of this disease resemble the symptoms of flu, but later they become more serious and more painful.
If you notice some symptoms of this kind, go to the doctor right away and seek for medical care. Act immediately!
These bugs are found under stones, into wall cracks, under porches, stairs, in the woods, and generally everywhere in nature. Be careful when you are out with your pet.
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