dimanche 19 mars 2017
The Basa fish is very popular all throughout Europe and the USA due to its low price and availability, but have you wondered if the meat has any quality? What you’ll read in this post will definitely shock you!

The Basa fish (Pangasiusbocourti) is a species of catfish native to the Mekong basin in Indochina. It is a popular type of fish with an international market and often marketed as “panga”.  However, these fish are highly unhealthy and farmed in open cages, and the meat has been red flagged by many environmental agencies. The Basa is usually farmed in sewage waste pools and fed with growth hormones and antibiotics in order to grow bigger and avoid diseases. There have been many tests on toxic contaminants on the meat, and several of them have confirmed the presence of heavy metals, hexachlorobenzene, chlorate, isomers and other contaminants. Due to these findings, the USA has banned the import of this type of fish.

In nature, the Basa fish feeds on plants and grows 4 times faster, but farmed Basa contains no nutritional value, omega-3 oils or other beneficial compounds. It is sold by companies who have no interest in your health, and the low price is due to the unhealthy way of farming.

So, the next time you’re in the market and the low frozen Basa fillets attract you with the price, just avoid them – it will be best for your health.
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