Put A Few Drops Of This Syrup On Your Scalp And Wait To See All Your Lost Hair Grow Back… Awesome!

mardi 21 février 2017
People who are dealing with hair loss have no more reasons to worry, because In this article we will present you the recipe for a homemade magic potion which will help you prevent hair loss and baldness. The main ingredients for this serum are old herbal oils which have the ability to stimulate hair follicles and restart the growth of fallen hair.

Homemade remedy which will prevent hair loss.
50ml of Ricino oil.
20 ml of organic Coconut oil.
10ml Rosemary essential oil.
5ml Lavender essential oil (optional).
First of all, pour 50 ml castor oil in a serum drop jar. In order to dilute it, add 20 ml of organic coconut oil.
After that, add 10 ml Rosemary essential oil and mix all the ingredients well. Once prepared, close the jar with its lid and shake it well so that the oils dissolve well. You are also allowed to add several drops of lavender oil to the mixture.
Your hair growth serum is ready!
You should apply several drops of this homemade serum onto the bald and problem areas of the scalp. After the application, use your fingers to water the serum on your scalp.
In order to get the best results, make sure to apply this amazing serum 2 or 3 times per day. The results will be visible after 2 weeks.
Source: healthylifeidea.com
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