Apple Seeds and Cancer: What the Government Has Been Hiding From You for Years

mercredi 25 janvier 2017
here are many articles which claim that by consuming apple seeds, apricot seeds, bitter almonds, or cherry pits you can experience panic attacks or angry reactions because of the Cyanide they contain. Well, as a rumor based on too little knowledge, your concern is understandable. But, we all know the saying “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” In this case, the danger of consuming fruit seeds and bitter almonds is based on inadequate data. The compound cyanide is amygdalin.
The complete amygdalin story for full knowledge

They are many people who have used apricot seed kernels to eliminate cancer. And guess what? They did not die from cyanide poisoning. They manage to cure their cancer without experiencing any side effects. They do not accomplish this by consuming a few every week, but dozens daily for months.
The amygdalin compound has 4 molecules. Two are glucose molecules and the other two are benzaldyhide and cyanide. These are scary compounds except for a few unusual metabolic activities: they are released by and into cancer cells only.  Otherwise they stay in the amygdalin compound and are passed through. Instead of oxygen, the cancer cells depend on fermenting sugar for their energy.
The cancer cells attract the amygdalin compounds for their glucose, but are damaged when they metabolize the compounds that can free the cyanide and benzalldyhide. Cancer cells contain betaglucosidase, an enzyme which is not found in healthy cells and which has the ability to “unlock” the amygdalin compound and release the deadly toxins in the cancer cell. Healthy normal cells don’t metabolize amygdalin.
Only cancer cells do. Most healthy cells contain another enzyme known as rhodanese. So, free cyanide molecules are bound to sulfur molecules by rhodanese. They create cyanates which are not harmful and are eliminated in the urine. Well, the complete function of amygdalin is hidden due to the fact that B17 or laetrile, a concentrated extract from apricot amydgalins can cure cancer is taboo.
Supressing a safe cancer cure
Back in 1952, Dr. Ernst Krebb, a researcher from San Francisco, developed Laetrile or B17. He managed to do this by liquefying and purifying amygdalin from apricot seeds so it could be injected into cancer patients. In order to make sure that laetrile is safe for use, Dr. Krebb injected himself, and Dr. John Richardson proved its efficacy by curing a few cancer patients in San Francisco. In 1971, laetrile was banned.
Dr. Richardson called on investigative journalist G. Edward Griffin in order to publicize the benefits of laetrile or B17 derived from apricot seeds. Griffin found out that the laetrile trials of Sloane-Kettering Institute leading to the FDA ban were false. Dr. Ralph Moss, Sloane-Kettering spokesperson, did not want to lie about laetrile and left Sloane-Kettering in disgust. He did not publicize the Griffin papers that proved the effectiveness of laetrile. Griffin wrote a book A World Without Cancer, where you can find out more about the amygdalin cancer curing story.
Source: Living Traditionally
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