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If your periods make you anxious and always take you by surprise with their sudden occurrence or non-occurrence, you are not the only one. A lot of women across age groups suffer irregular periods, and often they brush it under the carpet as an everyday problem. While if the problem of irregular periods persists you need to see a doctor, there are yet ways to check this very niggling issue that bothers women. At the outset, you should be able to anticipate the date and duration of your periods every month. 

Certain foods and lifestyle changes are all it takes to get your normal periods routine back.
1. Stop eating white foods now to stop irregular periods

If there is any food that is white in colour, it is most definitely processed, and processed food does more harm to your system than good. If you wish to get your menstrual cycle on track you need to immediately get off the whites such as white sugar, potatoes, white rice, white flour pasta among others. They affect your periods by triggering an insulin rush that results in fat storage. And not to mention, excess body weight has a negative effect on ovulation and can make your periods irregular.
2. Binge on Omega-3 fatty acids
Salmon and sardines are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, so try and include these fish in your diet. If not, take a regular dose of fish oil supplements. These are very good for your ovaries health as they help eliminate free radicals, boosts blood circulation in the tiny blood vessels in the ovaries, fights effects of ageing, sets off the dopamine, which improves your mood. Indeed a great way to combat your irregular periods problem. So, eat a lot of fish, girls.
3. Drink green tea to overcome irregular periods
Ditch milk tea, sugar-laced teas, instead get into a habit of sipping green tea every time you feel the urge. They suffuse your system with antioxidants that boosts your metabolism and keeps you active, even during your periods.
4. Eat sufficient proteins
Balanced and regular menses are a result of balanced hormones. To make sure there is no hormonal imbalance you need to indulge in proteins. From cottage cheese, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hard boiled eggs, to lean meats, why not incorporate them in your daily diet. Ditch the salad dressing, slather some cheese for a better ovary health. Plant proteins are particularly good to maintain the hormonal balance and improve fertility, and in the process cures irregular periods.
5. Eat all the dark chocolate you want
Dark chocolate goes a long way in regulating your menstrual cycle as they are rich in flavonoids that enhances blood circulation by reducing the clumping of platelets.These flavonoids also boost ovary health and improves dopamine activity. You should ideally pick dark chocolate that has about 70 per cent cocoa solids. But make sure you don’t overdo it, else you will come down with a belly fat.
6. Take Vitamin D rich foods
Paneer, tuna, egg yolk, skimmed milk, salmon, all these enrich your system with Vitamin D which improves the functioning of the cells and even balances your hormones. This is very important to overcome irregular periods. It also protects against breast, ovarian and prostate cancers. Ideally you should try to get enough sunshine, and if you cannot find any of the above, get yourself Vitamin D supplements.
7. Get yourself iron supplements
Often when you have stopped taking leafy veggies among other iron rich foods, your periods can get affected. Iron supplements also give relief to those with heavy periods. Iron deficiency in the body is the cause of anaemia and excessive fatigue. You need to eat enough green vegetables and take iron supplements regularly.
8. Try the castor oil and hot water bottle trick
This trick is believed to balance your hormones that are very critical is having regular periods. First warm some castor oil, then take an old unused t-shirt and dampen it with the castor oil. Now place the t-shirt with the oil side on your lower abdomen and further place a hot water bottle over it. You can repeat this ritual daily for about an hour, and in just a month you will see results.

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