5 Tragic Roller Coaster Disasters

mercredi 30 novembre 2016
There are people who love the thrill and would go on any roller coaster in the world. Some put it on their bucket list to visit and take a ride on every roller coaster in the world, and I kind of see the logic in that. The adrenaline, the fun, the feeling when you’re so high above ground…
And then, there are people who simply can’t get themselves to sit in a cart. That part of your squad who looks up at you while you’re screaming, casually sipping a drink, waiting for you to throw up.
What we have here, is a video that you’ll think about everytime you get on a roller coaster. And in a totally bad way, like always bringing that scene in the sequel of “Final Destination” to mind.
Here they are, 5 horrible roller coaster disasters:

Via: metdan.com
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