Interesting And Shocking Predictions For The Future

mercredi 19 octobre 2016

How often do you think about the future? Have you really asked yourself what our world will really be like years and years from now? What does the future hold for the culture we’ve been raised by, the technology we use and the homes we live in?

This question has been asked by many generations before us, when scientists in the 1950’s presumed the 2000s would look like a scene from the cartoon “Jetsons”. In reality, the outside hasn’t changed as much as the inside. The technological, as well as the cultural changed, would surely shock many of those scientists who asked the question.
What are the predictions this generation is making for our future? From tropical forests to lingual and currency assimilations, to the inevitable cohabitation with robots, these are the 20 most shocking predictions for the future. Take it a look and be shocked.
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