Incident On Live TV – Famous Mom To Be Slips And Falls

samedi 15 octobre 2016
One of the Mexico’s most famous models and media personalities, Tania Rincon, 29, who is 5-months pregnant, slid and fell during a live show. Fortunately, she and her baby’s health were not affected.

Tania has been doing live shows since 2007, both as a host and a guest. Therefore it’s not a surprise she was invited to participate in the show “May Joy Come” on the Mexican TV Azteca channel.
The horrific incident happened while the mom-to-be took part in the game called Game Without Words, where two groups mime and guess different phrases, movie titles or words without using articulated language. Just as her team started cheering and dancing because they won a point, Tania dressed in high heels, slid and fell down.
Everyone on the set jumped to help her and see if she and her baby were hurt. Thankfully, she was alright after the incident.
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