How to: Chocolate Cake With Avocado Instead of Eggs and Butter

jeudi 15 septembre 2016

I have to warn you, you’re suddenly going to find vegan cake a lot more appealing than the traditional kind

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? There is nothing as yummy as licking the spatula after frosting one of these masterpieces, everything else simply tastes of sugar. I must say, I was quite skeptical when I was offered this recipe. I mean, the thought of an egg-free, butter-free chocolate cake doesn’t sound that decadent right?

I must say, this is one of the first times I’ve been very wrong about food!
I got right to it trying this “baking with avocado” trend to try out my baking skills, could I actually make such a decadent chocolate cake with chocolate frosting made with avocado instead of butter and eggs?
The recipe called for a very strange method, using my hands quite a bit. For once, I wasn’t worried about licking my fingers as surprise, there’s no raw egg to worry about. The rich smell of chocolate was so pleasant and it baked so easily.
The real test was when I served it to my two very smart kids.
Well I have to say, they LOVED it!
When they tried the frosting, they were begging for more, with it’s smooth, almost pudding like consistency. Literally licking the plate when done, I knew we had a winner.
On it’s own, the frosting is rather rich for my palate, literally being only avocado, sugar and cocoa powder, but combined with the cake which was quite moist, it was the perfect pairing. This is a great recipe when one has that guilty feeling, especially when serving to family and friends and of course, a great way to make use of those overripe avocados!
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