Your Heart Will Break: This Father Has Tattooed His Son’s Scar on His Head to Show Him Support

vendredi 5 août 2016

John Marshall Kansas, father of the boy who was operated from a brain tumor, tattooed “scar” identical from an operation to his son to give him back his lost confidence.

The 8-year-old Gabriel was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in March last year, and was followed by surgery and chemotherapy treatments. Although the situation of Gabriel was stabilized and the tumor stopped spreading, he felt uncomfortable in his skin because of the people who constantly stared at his scar.
When Gabriel confessed to his father that he feels like “monster”, he knew that he must do something. “When I heard that, it broke my heart”-said Josh who determined to regain the confidence of his son and do identical “scar” on his head.
Photo of Josh and Gabriel, where they pose with the scars became viral hit on social media after winning the competition for “Best Dad bald”, celebrating Father’s day. In the competition battle men who have shaved their heads to support children suffering from cancer.
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