Calculate How Much Time You Will Need To Lose The Extra Kilos !

dimanche 31 juillet 2016
If you have decided to finally lose weight post-holiday, this calculator will give you a realistic picture of how much time you will need.

How to calculate?                                                                                                                                      
Highlight the gender and the fields fill the current weight, height and years. Observe measures to be expressed in kg and cm. Next note of what type of diet you follow – whether to limit calories or every day you wake up with water and lemon?
In the last field indicate how much weight you want to lose and click on the green field that will calculate how much time will be required.
If you want to remove fat from the abdomen, this is the ideal breakfast
From youngest to the oldest, everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, even if you’re on a diet, do not skip. You only need to choose the right ingredients.
From 2008 to prove that you need only one ingredient to remove fat from her waist – eggs
Packed with protein
Breakfast should be a meal full of protein to be satiated until lunch. Many experts believe that through the first meal of the day should bring at least 20g protein, and the good news is that one egg contains 6g.
Practical choice
When you are hungry and you need something to snack, one hard-boiled egg. Quickly prepare, but low-calorie snacks that will surely keep you satiated until the next meal.
Recommend: A hard-boiled egg (78 calories) and apple (80 calories). This combination will keep you away from the fridge and unhealthy snacks to lunch.
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