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lundi 20 juin 2016
Freedom is an everlasting dream and aspiration of all mankind and it’s something we’ve struggled to achieve throughout history. In this modern day and age we are led to believe that we have the power to decide in our life and that we’re the only masters of our own existence.

As much as we feel free, we are under the thumb of great industries which destroy our planet for their profit and make us believe that it’s all for the good of humanity. They’re controlling the nonrenewable resources and in doing so they control us as well as much as we don’t want to believe it.
Freedom has become a friction of our imagination, we think we have it but we’re far from free. And the media is just making things worse, planting information in our subconscious, bombarding us with false information and making us unaware of the reality around us. The undying truth is that the more free we feel the more slaves we become.
If we enjoy true freedom we wouldn’t be slaves to our habits. Going to school, to work, and the likes must be one of the most tedious activities which if we were truly free we would like to avoid.
The video below will reveal the true chaos of humanity, a dark tunnel that predicts we don’t have a bright future under the sun, but quite the opposite, our future is darker than the blackest night.
The video is full of dark thoughts and unanswered questions and as much as we boast about the enlightened society we live in behind the scenes we are all told what to do and what to think. The capitalist society has created a chaos which is destroying nature and our entire environment, threatening to destroy us in the end!
In many ways we are Earth’s cancer, the only species on this planet that destroys its own environment, and won’t stop doing it even if its life depended on it. We are blind to the changes, but obedient to orders.
The video below will show you just a glimpse of the dark reality we live in and as bad as it looks it can only get worse if we don’t wake up and do something to change it:
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