Doctors Will Never Say About This : 4 Reasons Why You Should Always Urinate Under The Shower!

lundi 20 juin 2016
This action literally saving the planet
The Agency for Environmental Protection in the United States announced that urinating in the shower saves up to 27% of the water flow, because they do not need to flush the toilet .
2nd disinfect the wound
If you have scratch or scars, fresh urine can help their disinfection. Clean the wound and relieves pain and relaxes the tissues. If the wound is serious, definitely recommend going to a doctor.
3. The care of your skin
Urine is a good treatment for rashes or eczema. Urea is the active ingredient in many creams and oils for skin care. The skin pH is in balance and is excellent for dry and sensitive skin.
4th solve the problem with fungi
Urine treated ugly and annoying fungal infection on foot. The best way is to apply urine to the skin affected by fungi. You will be amazed with the result, which will be seen within a few days.
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