DISTURBING: After Reading This You Won’t Think Of A Solarium Again

vendredi 17 juin 2016
Many people decide to risk their health in order to improve their physical appearance. One such case is this gril, who decided to share her story and picture of herself in order to show the true face of the disease and hopefully help others realize how harmful some habits can be.
A 27 year old gril named Tauna Willoubi from Kentucky managed to beat cancer. It should be mentioned that before she was diagnosed with skin cancer, she was using solarium without even thinking that it is harmful for people’s health.

She says: “I had solarium at home, I used it and my friends also. We all have a dark tan, she said.”
She used the solarium without thinking about the damage it can make. When a girl in the medical school said she got a disease of melanoma, Tauna, a mother of a two year old kid, went immediately on a dermatologic checkup. She was 21 when she was diagnosed with skin cancer.
Since she was diagnosed, she had to fight against the melanoma six times with the type of skin cancer, basal cell five times and once with squamous cell shape of cancer.
Every six months or onece a year, Tauna is going to a checkup and during every visit the doctor removes part of the carcinogenic cells from her skin.
Tauna, who as a teenager used solarium five times a week, wrote this: “If somebody needs a motivation not to use solarium and not be exposed on sun, here it is. This is how healing skin cancer looks like. Use sunbathing cream. You have only one skin and take care about her.”
The habit of using the solarium soo much was normal for her.
“Learn from my mistakes. Don’t allow sunbathing to prevent you to see your kids growing. That is my biggest fear because I have two year old son,” she said.

Source: guideforhealthylifestyle.com
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