ALERT: If You Ever See This In Your Hotel Room, Leave Now And Call 911. The Reason why Is Scary

mardi 14 juin 2016
Coat hooks are found in more or less all public places, including restaurants, hotels, dressing rooms etc. Why would anyone assume they are a threat when their sole purpose is to hold your garments?
This is not what Florida police have been discovered recently. Namely, in a recent rash, they’ve found hidden cameras in the hooks. The thing is these cameras were set in public restrooms on Florida beach. What’s even more disturbing is that these gadgets can be easily obtained online and can be set up anywhere – in hotel rooms, in public restrooms, changing rooms etc., places where your intimacy is shamelessly violated.

At first sight, these spy cameras are very similar to little plastic coat hooks that you can buy anywhere, but if you look more carefully, you’ll see a small hole near the top of the coat hook – it’s the camera lens. Undoubtedly, the latest technology has advanced so much that camera lens can be as small as a period and record nearly 2 hours of video.
The police have issued a warning on the matter and ask everyone to report such an item in case they see one.
Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the dangers such seemingly harmless objects can bring on. What makes the matter graver is that people are so used to seeing coat hooks in public places, such as public restrooms or hotel rooms, they don’t even suspect that they could be filmed in their most private moments.
Now, that the disturbing information has been disclosed, it’s in your best interest to be cautious of such objects in public places.
Don’t be tricked by the innocent appearance as many of these coat hooks are in fact a high-tech spy camera.

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