This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

mardi 10 mai 2016
Nowadays, Himalayan salts are commonly used in our everyday life because they can provide numerous health benefits such as regulating high blood pressure and boost digestion.
Beside this health benefits, Himalayan salts can be helpful in many other things around the house
Himalayan salt is packed with minerals and it is hand-mined from high up in the Himalayan mountains. People from all over the world use this salt. The pinky salt comes in several forms. Compared to regular tables salt, the one you eat has less sodium. However, in this article we will discuss about a slightly different form of Himalayan pink salt.
If you have noticed that your energy gets restored and you feel refreshed and revitalized when you find yourself in front of rushing waves at the waterfront on in front of waterfalls, it is a result of the negative ions contained it these locations.

The nature itself creates this ions, and using Himalayan salt in your home will transform it physically and chemically because it provides health benefits and adds color and glow.
We are constantly in a contact with negative and positive ions-charged molecules because they frloat through the air. Positive ions have a harmful effect on the health and wellbeing because they have been dubbed “electronic smog”.
These ions have been charged by the big screen of microwaves, computers, TVs, telephones, smartphones, and any other electronic wave in the air.
The World Heath Organization  states that electronic smog is “ one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences.’ They also stated that general awareness should be brought at higher level. According to many studies, our brains are attacked by 20 times more frequencies than it should be, which results in mental health issues, nerve disorders, allergies, insomnia and many other.
This menas that positive ions are not positive at al, and they are a product of almost everything that we use nowadays, so they need to be neutralized. Fortunately, there is a way to provide a neutralized (or even negative) ion effect in your home.
Negative ion is created when a molecule gains a negatively charged electron. These ions attract natural pollutants like mold, dust, allergens, irritants and give them a negative charge which neutralizes them and they lose their harmful properties.
Negative ions are actually presen in nature, near waterfalls, at the beach, in the forest. They have positive effects on our health because they stimulate the flow of oxygen to the brain, increase our mental alertness and give us an immense energy boost.
Unfortunately, we cannot bring the natural sight at our home, so we should find some other sources of negative ions. The best choice you can make are the Himalayan salt lamps snce they can neutralize these positive ions which will result in freshness in your home.
These lamps are also called “Vitamins of the Air”. They include a  block of pure Himalayan salt from the ancient oceans. These lamps have a small bulb on the inside and produce light, a negative-ion atmosphere, and many health benefits.
The emission of negative ions is stimulated by the heat from the lamp which warms up the crystals. The salt absorbs water from the surrounding because it is hydroscopic. If you put your lamp in humid room, it will become damp or wet. The heat causes the water to evaporate and thus creates negative ions. It is at this point when these ions start doing their job.
The role of the negative ions is to search for positive ions in order to bind, bring them down and provide health benefits. These lamps are very effective when it comes to neutralizing the electronic smog because the negative ions attach to excessive positive ions like bacteria, mold and allergens.
You should definitely place this lamp at your home because it will provide energy, freshness, vitality and the atmosphere will calm your mind and body. Moreover, the warm glow will provide soothing and relaxing sensation.
This is what these lamps are able to do:
  • Stabilize and neutralize artificial electromagnetic waves from electronics and unnatural frequencies.
  • Create rainbow-spectrum light waves which have a healing and soothing properties.
  • Ionize the room
As soon as you plug the Himalayan salt lamps, it will begin to work. By doing so, you will enjoy the numerous benefits of the lamp as it can be helpful in the case of:
  • Respiratory problems (as well as colds)
  • Mental and stress-related disorders (as well as insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Blood system disorders
  • Allergies and skin issues
  • Headaches and migraines
Make sure to place Himalayan salt lamp in the room where you and your family spend a lot of time  because it will improve your health, maintain your wellbeing, provide relaxation, induce meditation, etc. You should also put one in a room full of electronic devices because it will fill the air with positive ions.
You can buy a few smaller lamps and set them in every room in your house, but make sure to purchase a real Himalayan salt lamp because there are many fake types on the market like substitutes from rock salt, which cannot offer the same effect.
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