Rub A Little Bit Of Toothpaste On Your Nails For Several Minutes. The Final Result — So Stunning!

mardi 10 mai 2016
Smokers have problems with their nails, they turn yellow. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem that does not require much of your time. All you need is a toothpaste.
In most of the cases, yellow of the nails is triggered by staining from color polishes, so in order to prevent that, apply a clear base coat before applying layers of bright color.

Yet another cause for yellow stains is acetone nail polish remover. Make sure to choose non-acetone nail polish remover to take off your color.
As we previously mentiond, cigarettes are one more reason why your nails get yellow, so this is another reason why you should stop smoking.
And last but not least, fungal infection is also a common cause of yellow nails. Beside this, it can also lead to other problems like peeling, unpleasent odor and flaking. If you think you have a fungal infection, consult your doctor.
Yet another treatment to brighten your nails is using a liquid based hydrogen peroxide. However, it is more effective when in combination with sodium bicarbonate.
How to prepare it?
Mix 250 ml of water with 30 ml of sodium bicarbonate and 10 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide. Mix them well until the powder is dissolved.
Once prepared, soak your nails in it for 10 minutes. After that, wash your hands with soap and water. Dry your hands and apply a moisturizer because the peroxide can cause dryness.
You can substitute toothepaste with denture cleaner, which can be found in any supermarket.
You should dissolve the denture tablets in a bowl filled with warm water and follow the direction from the label. It will help you eliminate the stains and hard surface.
When the tablet dissolves in the water, you should dip your fingers and let them stay for 4-5 minutes in the liquid. Then, wash them off with water and dry them with a soft cloth. Repeat this every day and your nail’s appearance will become better after a while.
In order to get rid of yellow stains, you can apply a little bit of toothpaste on your nails for several minutes. Using an old toothbrush, spread the paste evenly on your nails. Massage the toothpaste and don’t rinse immediately.
Allow it to stay for a minute and then rinse with peroxide to remove the yellow shade. You will get whiter and brighter nails, and stronger as well.
Brighten your nails with a mixture of soapy water and lemon juice. Lemon juice has acidic properties that dissolve and remove buildup. The soapy water removes dirt.
How to prepare it?
Use 30 ml of liquid soap, 250 ml of hot water and 60 ml of lemon juice. Mix these ingredients and soak your nails for 4-5 minutes. Apply a bit of moisturizer after using this treatment to avoid dryness of your skin.
All you need to do is to dilute white vine vinegar appropriately.  It is similar to lemoj juice because it also contains acidic properties. Make sure not to use balsamic or apple cider vinegar for this treatments because instead of cleaning, it will stain your nails.
How to prepare it?
Use 20 or 30 ml of white wine vinegar for each liter of water. Dip your nails for 4-5 minutes and then wash them with warm water.
Now when you know all these options, choose the right one for you and brighten your nails in a natural way without having to spend money on nail treatments.
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