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There are significantly beneficial foods divided into three categories:
  • Highly beneficial foods – foods that can be used in medicinal purposes
  • Foods that are allowed – foods that leave no harm to your blood type
  • Foods that are not allowed – foods that can be poisonous
You can improve your overall health by implementing a diet specific to your blood type, which will keep you safe from cardiovascular diseases. Anyway, these foods are very beneficial for your health and will help you to lower your weight more effectively:
These fruits are loaded with healthy fats, mostly monounsaturated such as omega-6 which disable inflammation process in the organism.
Avocados are rich in essential nutrients and control the blood pressure and purify arteries. Avocados are good addition for your salads, which will keep you satiated for longer period of time, allowing you to avoid snack between your meals.
This amazing spice is one of the most beneficial you can ever find. You can add it in every meal you prepare at home, including curries, vegetable juices, stews, etc. This spice is very powerful ingredient.
Its strength lies in the curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric which has potent anti-inflammatory characteristics and relieves the pain. In addition, it is beneficial for bloating, indigestion and many other digestive problems.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is well known due to its benefits for our digestive and immune systems, and the overall health as well. It is good for cooking because it is heat stable fat and doesn’t get damaged or oxidized like the vegetable oils.
It includes medium chain fatty acids, especially the lauric acid, which is easy to digest and the liver uses it for energy. Coconut oil’s fats have potent antimicrobial characteristics and allow a healthy balance of good bacteria in the digestive system.
This is why coconut oil must be included in our diet. It will help us to get rid of carbohydrate and sugar desires and stimulate the process of weight loss.
Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is also beneficial for our health, particularly those that contain 80% cocoa in their composition. These chocolates are dairy-free and contain low amounts of sugar. Most of them don’t contain soy lecithin, which is usually GMO.
Dark chocolate reduces the desires for food and it will provide you with plenty of antioxidants polyphenols which destroy the free radicals in the organism and increase the good cholesterol levels.
In fact, many people who are affected by the syndrome X or insulin resistance, have significantly low levels of good cholesterol in their body.
Fish Oil
Most of the natural fats are strong anti-inflammatory agents, which is why the anti-inflammatory foods are rich in fats. This means that processed vegetable oils which contain high amounts of omega 6 fats can sometimes be inflammatory.
The oily fishes contain omega 3 fats which support the pain relieving prostaglandins (hormone) in the organism. This means that fish oil can diminish pain such as arthritis, menstrual cramps and fibromyalgia. In addition, it also eases atherosclerosis and fights against blood clots in arteries.
Fish oil contains high levels of selenium which triggers the generation of auto-antibodies, which is good for the organism that fights against autoimmune illnesses. Selenium is very important for the generation of glutathione, which is potent antioxidant.
This mineral is very effective when it comes to viral infections, which could result with fatigue and increased inflammation, if chronic.
Omega 3 fats-rich fish are herrings, mullet, trout, wild salmon, mackerel, sardines and anchovies. If you aren’t eating them regularly, you can use fish oil supplements or selenium supplements.
The proper food can make you healthier and improve the quality of your life more than you have ever expected. Your immune system will be strengthened as well as your health and you will be able to lower more weight.
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