This Natural And Non-Toxic Mason Jar Will Keep The Annoying Bugs Away From You

samedi 2 avril 2016
Using essential oils instead of chemicals to repel bugs is an excellent choice. The following bug repellent is easy to make, natural and beautiful as well.

Natural summer bug repellents
Needed materials:
• 4 Mason jars or recycle jelly jars
• 40 drops of cedarwood essential oil (10 drops per jar)
• 40 drops of lavender essential oil (10 drops per jar)
• 40 drops of lemon essential oil (10 drops per jar)
• 40 drops of Thieves essential oil (10 drops per jar)
• 2 limes
• 2 lemons
• 8 rosemary sprigs
• Water
• Floating tea lights
To make the Mason jar luminaries that repel bugs, line up the jars and:
Slice the limes and the lemons, to have one or two slices per each jar.

• Put two rosemary sprigs in each Mason jar.
• Fill ¾ of each jar with water.
• Add all the essential oils and mikes slightly. These essential oils are excellent against bugs. Yet, you can also use essential oils of your choice.
• Add the lime and lemon slices.
• Add water to fill the jars almost to the top.
• Place the candles on top of the water.
• Put the jars outside and enjoy the magical light.
• Replace the candles when needed.
• Depending on the climate in your area, replace the fruits and make new bug repellent jars.
• Don’t leave the candles unattended. Don’t leave the jars in the reach of children, so that the mixture is not ingested.
These DIY bug repellents are excellent for a party or an outside gathering which is bugs free.
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