A mom asked her son to press his hand onto a Petri dish after playing outside

lundi 11 avril 2016
Tasha Sturm is a microbiology laboratory technician at Cabrillo College in California, as well as mom to an 8-year-old boy. When her son came home after playing outside one day, Tasha asked him to press his hand into a Petri dish filled with tryptic soy agar, which forms a nutritious jelly perfect for growing microbial cultures. In a few days, different kinds of bacteria, yeast, and fungi began to flourish in the dish. The photo got a lot of buzz as soon as it was posted on the internet.

Though it may seem very hazardous at first glance, it should also be noted that having bacteria on your hands and skin is quite normal. This exposure to safe amounts maintains your healthy immune system and digestive tract.

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