samedi 12 mars 2016
If you are a woman then you probably know how to put a sanitary towel- right between the vulva and the underwear. On the market you can find two types of sanitary towels- one that have adhesive tape and you need to stick them on the panties and the other have wings which are wrapped under the panties to keep the sanitary towel in place.  They need to be changed on every 4-8 hours.

Step 1
Remove the wrapper of the sanitary towel.
Step 2
Then after you sit on the toilet, place your undies under your knees.
Step 3
Fold out the flaps, or wings, and take off the long, center backing that covers the adhesive on the center.
Step 4
Press the pad on your panties, the adhesive part should be stuck on your underwear. Then wrap the wings around your panties and press them as well. If you use pads designed for tongs then the wider part should be placed on the front part of your underwear.
Step 5
To be sure that the sanitary pad is placed in the right position, pull your underwear up. It should cover the vagina entirely.
Step 6
Check your sanitary towels every two hours so you could see if they need to be changed. If they are wet on the surface and do not absorb the menstrual blood, then they need to be changed.
Step 7
Before you throw the sanitary pad in the trash, you need to fold it and then wrap toilet paper around it.
Reusable sanitary towels

Step 1
Sit on the toilet and place your panties just above your knees.
Step 2
Place the sanitary towels on the crotch of your underwear and the snaps on the wings should be facing up towards you.
Step 3
Then, fold the wings over the sides of the crotch of your underwear.
Step 4
Check the sanitary towel every two hours. Change it if it is wet on the surface and is no longer absorbing the menstrual blood.
Step 5
The used sanitary towel should be put in soapy water to soak. But you must put a lid over the container. Then after each use, put the sanitary towels in the bucket until the end of the period. After the period wash the sanitary towels into the washing machine with the laundry detergent you usually use.
Get rid of the disposable sanitary towels in a trash that is out of reach of pets. This is due to the fact that some pets are attracted by the smell of the menstrual blood.
Wash your hands before and after changing your sanitary towels.

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