5 Natural Remedies to Deflate a Bloated Stomach in No TIme

vendredi 12 février 2016
It’s always a good time to share something like this. Bloating is that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach after a meal. Or a couple of meals.

This usually happens on holidays or weekends. Weekends are the days when you are getting a bit loose and eat everything that comes in your way.
If you don’t feel like exercising when the bloating strikes, maybe you will get interested in these remedies.
All of these are proven elixirs that will flush your lymphatic system. These natural fixes will relieve inflammation and bloating.

Morning Elixir

  •      A mug
  •      1 teaspoon of raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  •      Squeezed lemon juice
  •      Kept on room temperature
  •      Consumed in the morning

Fennel tea

The fennel tea is something that has been used in many cultures for many years. You can find fennel tea on the market or you can buy the seeds. Crush them and boil!


This is another amazing food that will help you with the bloating and inflammation. It’s a natural diuretic that will help by moving things along your body quickly. It will push out the waste and relieve bloating.
There are many recipes with asparagus.


The food I can’t live without. It’s so delicious. It’s so healthy. It’s the ingredient every meal needs.
You can mix it up with every food or simply drink it as tea.
Source: fhfn.org

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