Watch What Happens When You Drink Cabbage Juice Every Day

samedi 30 janvier 2016
Did you know that there are many health benefits of raw cabbage juice since cabbage is one of the super foods. You should definitely pay more attention to cabbage, its juice and those amazing health benefits. 

Recipe for cabbage juice
Needed ingredients:
• ½ a head cabbage
• 1 cup of aloe juice or 2 aloe plant leaves
• 1 tsp. of ginger
• 1 cucumber
• ½ a cup peppermint
1. Put the ingredients in a juicer.
2. Prepare the raw cabbage juice and drink the juice immediately after preparation.
Raw cabbage juice health benefits
1. Detoxifies the body
The hormones and chemicals that are dangerous and damage the body can be eliminated with the incredible raw cabbage juice. Cabbage contains glucosinolates, which destroys these dangerous substances in the body.
2. Cleanses the skin

Phytochemicals, vitamins A, C and E and the antioxidants in the raw cabbage juice are excellent for the skin. This juice will also protect your skin from premature aging, acne and dryness.
3. Protects from cancer
The glucosinolates in cabbage are converted into isothiocyanate compounds inside of the human body. These compounds protect the body from prostate, bladder and colon cancer.
4. Aids weight loss
Cabbage juice aids the digestion process and cleanses the upper part of the intestines. Therefore, it is excellent in cases of obesity.
5. Protects from heart disease
The selenium in the cabbage juice protects the body from heart disease. The high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in the juice protect from high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and strokes.
6. Prevents ulcers
Cabbagen or vitamin U in cabbage strengthens the lining of the stomach and protects it from ulcers.
7. Protects from Arthritis
The selenium in this juice is excellent against the symptoms of arthritis.
8. Reduces the levels of bad cholesterol
The juice lowers the levels of LDL – bad cholesterol as it contains Omega 3 fatty acids.
9. Fights against digestive disorders
The lactic acids in cabbage disinfect the colon and make this juice excellent for the digestive tract.
10. Treats skin inflammation
The amino acids in the juice are excellent in cases of skin inflammation.

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