This Is Your Personality According To How You Eat! Mine Was Spot On!

vendredi 22 janvier 2016
You’ve probably heard the saying “You are what you eat” and maybe you haven’t put much thought in it but it seems it may be true. Or to be more precise “You are how you eat”.
Food experts agree that someone’s eating habits can reveal volumes about their personality. The web published a list of 9 personality types according to the way people eat food and experts say that this list is pretty accurate. Juliet A.Boghossian, a behavioral food expert from Food-ology says that we can definitely draw conclusions about someone’s personality according to the way they eat.

You’ve probably noticed that some people eat slow, others eat fast, some are picky and others overeat, but one person always eats the same way and by determining the way someone eats we can read a lot about their personality. When I read about myself and my eating habits I was surprised by how spot on this description is. Here’s a list of the most popular eating styles and their personality traits, see which one you are and tell us if your was spot on too in the comments below.
  1. The Slow Eater
This is the easiest type to notice on the dining table. Everyone has finished their meal long ago and they are always the last on the table, slowly chewing bit by bit.
Boghossian says that slow eaters want to be in control and know how to cherish every moment of their life. They are also confident and consistent and can sometimes be stubborn when it comes to changing up their habits and routines. They naturally lack their inner clock which can sometimes be annoying for others, but don’t let this pressure you. Savor every moment and enjoy life!
  1. The Fast Eater
You haven’t even touched your food and the fast eater has reached dessert already. It seems as these people don’t even take the time to breathe between bites let alone enjoy the delicious meal.
These people are great at reaching deadlines and finishing tasks even before time. This makes them great employees and their bosses love them. They are excellent at multi-tasking, they are ambitious and goal-oriented and never leave anything unfinished. They are a great catch, relationship-wise, because they are prone to neglecting their own needs and always put other people’s needs first.
If you recognized yourself in this category, you probably need to be careful not to rush through life without stopping and enjoying the moment. You might want to slow down a bit and enjoy the special moments, they make your life beautiful.
  1. The Organizer
If you’ve noticed someone on the table sorting and dividing their food on the plate, making sure different foods don’t touch, you’ve come across The Organizer.
This person enjoys and craves order in life. They like to keep things organized in their life just like on their plate. They keep things neat and tidy and steer clear from chaotic situations. They are the ones who maintain the order at work as well at home, which may come across as a disadvantage sometimes as many people rely on them to clean everything up.
If you are The Organizer try to make a compromise and share the responsibilities. Try to be more flexible and don’t freak out when things get off track.
  1. The Adventurer
This is the person who’s tried every item on the menu. They just love experimenting with food and trying new stuff.
These people are never boring to be around. They are thrill-seekers and love challenges. When it comes to work they are never afraid to pitch a new, bold idea, and often this pays off big time. Everyone wants to be their friend and everyone admires them for their adventurous and outgoing personality.
If you recognize yourself in this category never change your one-of-a-kind approach to life, just make sure you’re not pressuring others into your adventures, not everyone is as open minded as you are.

  1. The Oversharer
You’ve probably noticed someone who slurps his soup and chews his food loudly and proudly, and making all sorts of weird sounds at the dinner table. That’s the Oversharer.
These people are free-spirited and couldn’t care less about what other people think about them. They are straightforward, never afraid to tell the world what they think and what they want. Many people admire this honest approach in life.
If you happen to be The Oversharer you may have noticed that your straightforwardness can be off-putting to some people, but never let that change what you are. Keep your own approach and whoever doesn’t like it can go their own way.
  1. The Picky Eater
This is every waiter’s nightmare, and every crowd has one of these. This is the person who knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it with a million request and specifications for the server.
These individuals love being in their comfort zone and just try to keep to the things they know and love. They are not open to changes, and love to do the job they know like the back of their palm. But this doesn’t keep you from asking questions and inquiring, you’re never ashamed to ask what you want to know, and you feel like you can never know enough.
If you can see yourself in these traits, don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with knowing exactly what you want. However, you may try and be  little more adventurous and not be scared of trying something new in life. You’ll never know what you might like unless you try it!
So did you find yourself in one of these eaters and was your results as accurate as mine? Maybe you’ve come up with a new category for us to expand the list? Don’t be shy and share your thoughts in the comments below!
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