This is What Happens To Your Waistline When You Drink A Glass Of Red Wine Before Bed

lundi 4 janvier 2016
There are many health benefits when drinking a glass of red wine prior to going to bed. One of them is weight lost. A study from Harvard University tracked a group of 20,000 women for 13 years, and came to a conclusion that those who drank 2 glasses of wine daily were less likely to be obese. Another study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry experimented with mice and found out that when they were given red wine grape extract, the mice stored less fat and had low blood sugar levels. The acids in the grapes help in delaying and slowing down the growth of fat cells.

Red wine as a snack
There are people who found that drinking red wine is a great substitute for an evening snack as one glass has fewer calories than ice cream, cake, chips and a lot less bad fat. One lady named Linda Monk lost 6 pounds by incorporating this strategy as drinking red wine helped her curb her sugar cravings, while she was able to eat fewer unhealthy snacks before going to bed.
Red wine health benefits
It contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant which prevents a variety of different cancer types. Moreover, it is great in preventing Alzheimer’s because it assists in preventing sell damage. Resveratrol is connected as well to longer life spans and improved athletic performance.
Cause for concern
Red wine offers health benefits, but that doesn’t mean that you should drink 1 bottle a night. Moderation is the key. Also, it is a good snack, but not something to accompany it, thus if you end up drinking a glass of wine and having cake as well, the extra calories will only hurt. Be careful about drinking it too late at night because for some people it may lead to poor quality sleep and drowsiness in the morning. However, you are the only one who knows how your body reacts. Having the occasional glass of wine isn’t hampering your weight goals, it may even help you.
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