I’m So Impressed by Her Clever Trick for Applying Eyeliner— It’s So Easy!

dimanche 10 janvier 2016
We all want to dress up and put on our best make up when we go out or get ready for a party. No look is perfect without the stand out eyes but most often they are the most difficult to achieve. The secret to the best eye look is ….the perfect winged eyeliner, but we know how easy we can mess it up.  We’ve all wondered how we can apply our eyeliner easier and more precise without spending an hour in front of the mirror, erasing it and reapplying it a million times. Luckily for you we will share the easiest trick for applying eyeliner, and it’s super easy even if you are a beginner. Eimear McElheron and her amazing tutorial will teach you how to do the perfect eyes without stress and in just a few minutes.

Here’s the video:

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