Burn injury to the eyes: One little boy lost his sight because of this toy that you probably have at home

mardi 12 janvier 2016
All the parents in the world should be warned about this little thing that many children play with but isn’t a toy!
Lasers can be really dangerous and should be considered toys! The Australian ABC reported that a Tasmanian teenager lost about 75% of his vision from playing with this common toy. All around the world doctors have started to warn parents that pointing a laser directly into the eyes can be really dangerous.
A 14 year old played with a laser and damaged his vision permanently. His doctor, Ben Armitage stated that the teenager pointed a laser directly into his eyes for a few seconds while he was playing, which caused permanent damage in both eyes. Because of this he now has impaired vision and lost 75% of his eyesight.

This burned the back of his eyes, the retina, even though he pointed the laser just for a few seconds.

The teenager said that at the moment he didn’t feel anything, no pain whatsoever, but the damage was instantaneous and irreversible. Dr.Armitage said that the central part of his eye suffered the most damage and that even with glasses nothing can be done to improve his condition.
The FDA reported that laser pointers under 5mW are generally safe and they haven’t been reported to cause any injuries. However, laser pointers who have an intensity of 5mW or higher can seriously damage the eyesight and should not be used by children.

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