WARNING: Food Poisoning Is Lurking In Your KITCHEN, 5 Dangerous Mistakes Everyone Makes

vendredi 11 décembre 2015
If you thought that you can get food poisoning only in restaurants you thought wrong. It can happen in your very own kitchen, and the risk is even higher in the summer, when the temperatures are high. These are the most common mistakes we should be especially careful not to make in the future because they can have serious health implications.

Mistake #1  
You wash your hands only before you start cooking
This is an important first step you must continue to practice, that’s not the mistake. You make a mistake if you only wash your hands before you start because you should wash them during cooking as well. Wash your hands every time you grab a different product for your meal. For example, when you take vegetables after you’ve grabbed the meat. The most common offences happen when you alternately handle meat and salad ingredients, and you should be extra careful to wash your hands in-between.
Be extra careful because washing your hands only with water is not enough because it doesn’t eliminate the germs and bacteria. Always wash them with warm water and soap or detergent.
Mistake #2
You wash the fruit and vegetables before you refrigerate them
If you wash them before you put them in the fridge a little water always remains on the surface, making them an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Always wash the vegetables and fruits just before you eat them, not beforehand.
Be extra careful with the external layers of cabbage and lettuce because all the pesticides stay on their surface. Wash them thoroughly with warm water.
Mistake #3
You only wash the fruit you don’t peel
This may be the most common misperception of all, that fruits we peel before we eat shouldn’t be washed, but bananas, cantaloupes, watermelons and other fruits we peel should be rinsed just as everything else. Why? Because when we slice them we can transfer the bacteria from the surface to the inside part we eat. You need to rinse every fruit with a sponge, which you’ll also wash afterwards.
Be extra careful to wash the strawberries, tomatoes and peppers before you slice and eat them.
Mistake #4
Your Fridge Is Set On The Lowest Temperature
You’ve set your fridge to maximum cooling thinking that bacteria can’t thrive in a cold environment. But your fridge doesn’t show the temperature inside so you can’t really be sure about the temperature you keep your food. So, it’s best if you buy a small thermometer and put it in the fridge in order to see if it needs some adjustment.
Be extra safe and put one in the freezer as well, the temperature there should be -17 Celzius.
Mistake #5
You leave the already cooked meal on the hotplate or inside the oven
Bacteria multiply very fast in an environment between 5 and 55 degrees, so leaving your meal on the hotplate or inside a warm oven is a pretty risky move. Even “safe” products such as rice and pasta can be dangerous, so don’t think that the cooked meal is safer left on the hotplate and reheat it later. There are certain poisons which develop in the food left too long and can’t be destroyed by high temperatures. If someone is late for lunch it’s best to put the food in the fridge and reheat it before you serve it.
Be extra careful and transfer the food leftovers from the pans into smaller containers because this will cool off the food much faster. Never fill out your fridge with meal which are still hot, it will make it more difficult to maintain the desired temperature and can cause bacteria to develop inside.

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