vendredi 11 décembre 2015
It’s summer and I’m sure you’ve at least had to put on the dreaded bikini or bathing suit so far this year, or you’ve remained more covered up that a US soldier in the deserts of Afghanistan!
I wrote a blog the other day “Burn Fat for 3 Days (in only 20 minutes)” explaining the importance of not including the treadmill in your weight loss efforts and how you could be wasting your time!

Top 10 Best Fat Burning Exercises

1 Burpees – This move tones your core, upper body and legs all at once- it’s a triple threat exercise that everyone tends to dread for good reason; they are hard! But they also work.

2 Jumping Lunges – Lunges are a fantastic thigh toning exercise; add in the momentum required to jump up in between lunges and the move turns into an incredible calorie burner.

3 Plank Knee Ins - Tone your core, glutes, and thighs with this one simple move. Because all of the large muscle groups involved, you burn a high number of calories while you are toning. From plank position on elbows, alternate bringing each knee up to the elbow on the same side.

4 V-Ups –  This is an advanced abdominal move that engage both the upper and lower abs for maximal toning in the least amount of time. They are especially beneficial because lower abs can be hard to target without equipment.

5 Low Walking Lunge  – This tones the glutes, thighs, obliques, and lower back, all while building coordination and balance. Try to lunge 20-50 feet while staying as low as possible. Grueling!
6 Jumping Squats – After 30 seconds you’ll feel the burn in your legs, butt and even your abs. This plyometric is also great for building explosive speed.

7 Push Ups – Push ups are a total body exercise that are easily modified and can be made to be very challenging, even for the most avid exerciser.

8 Bicycle Crunches - Great for conditioning the abdominals and obliques, it also requires the strength and coordination of the entire body to hold yourself up AND remain in motion.

9 Mountain Climbers – Mountain Climbers can feel like a punishment, but they truly are one of the best overall toning and fat burning moves out there that don’t require a bit of equipment.

10 Jumping Jacks – This simple at home cardio essential is an excellent way to get your heart rate up quickly. Add it in between strength training sets, any of the above exercises or your favorite exercise routine to keep your caloric burn high.
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