This Young Girl Is Lost And On The Streets. What This Man Does To Her Made Me Furious!

dimanche 13 décembre 2015
This is a social experiment to see how many people would help a little girl if she lost her mother in the streets. Some people stand and they try to help her find her mother by phoning the police and they even wait with her while help arrives as well. Other people however just carry on walking and they completely ignore her. This is a shocking video and who knows what would have happened in a real life situation if someone didn’t stop and help.

This is one that you need to see for yourself because you won’t believe what some of these people do. It is truly shocking and it just goes to show how some people are willing to help, and other people just couldn’t care less. Luckily some people did stop to help this girl, but either way, some of the reactions are absolutely mind blowing

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