This Juice Prevents Blood Clot and Reduces the Risk of Stroke

dimanche 6 décembre 2015
Kiwi is trully abundant in different healthy nutrients which are necessary for a healthy body. Thus, it is very important for us to enrich our everyday diet with kiwi juice as soon as possible.

The fiber and potassium that kiwi contains can prevent heart disease, and it is also effective for treating bladder and kidney. Below you can read about the benefits of this fruit and learn how to prepare your kiwi syrup.
Why is it good to drink kiwi juice? It acts on the human body as follows:
  • Removes sand and stones from bladder, kidneys and gallbladder
  • Prevents cardiovascular illnesses
  • Prevents blood clot
  • Lowers the chances of stroke
  • Keeps the cells vital
  • Prevents eye diseases like diverticular disease, cataracts, conjunctivitis and so on and is very beneficial for the vision
  • Refreshes the body
  • Fights against the negative effects of free radicals and prevents heart attack
  • Makes detoxification of the body
  • Boosts the immunity
  • Lowers the formation of fatty deposits
  • Reduces symptoms of various respiratory illnesses such as chronic cough and bronchitis in adults as well as in children. Some surveys have proved that a regular consumption of kiwi juice can lower the frequency of coughing by 27% and increase the capacity of lungs by 32% in people who suffer from some lung disease.
  • It treats cellulite
  • It keeps the skin healthy
  • It improves the memory
Be aware with the amount of kiwi juice that you consume every day. If consumed in excessive amounts, it happens to cause allergy so, make sure you don’t drink more than 1-2 glasses of the juice diluted with water.
Recipe for KIWI juice
Fresh kiwi- 1 ½ kilos
Honey- 1 or 2 tablespoons (according to your taste)
Water- 1 ½ liter
Chop the peeled kiwi fruit and blend it in a blender.
You can also use a machine for grinding tomatoes instead of a blender. After that, release the most of the juice from kiwi with a thick strainer. Then, put the water to boil and let it cool.
Combine the cooled water with the stained kiwi juice and add the honey to it. Mix until the honey melts properly in the juice. At the end, pour it in clean glass bottles and store in the refrigerator. Dilute the juice with water every time you drink it.
This juice is recommended for infants and for pregnant women because of the variety of nutrients it contains, including: vitamin C, E, A, B-complex, iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, iron, carotenoids, lutein, chlorophyll, flavonoids and carbohydrates.
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