This Is What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

mardi 8 décembre 2015
Our tongue is often a reflection of our health. It often changes colors according to the health of your body. Even when you go for a check-up, most doctors will ask you to stick your tongue out to observe its color which gives a fair indication of the state of your health. Our body is working continuously every day to maintain our health and often given out an indication that something might not be right by changing the color of the tongue.

Below is an indication of what different tongue colors could implicate.
1.Dark Coloration
Dark patches on the tongue often indicate a poor oral hygiene. It means that the bacteria in your tongue are more powerful than they should be. This can be overcome by improving your oral care routine. Brush thoroughly twice a day, use floss and mouth wash to keep the level of bacteria down. Using a good toothpaste and brush can also help in achieving the same.
2.White and Powdery
This generally means that you have a yeast infection. The best way is to visit your physician who will prescribe the apt medication for you.
3.Bright Red
If your tongue is bright red in color, then it usually indicates deficiency of vitamins. In such a scenario, try and change your diet plan to include more nutritional stuff so that the body gets adequate vitamins
4.Small red lumps
Small red lumps on tongues are an indication of oral cancer and should be immediately reported to your doctor for further line of treatment.
5.Painful sores
This are often caused when you take too much stress or are simply buried neck deep in work with no time to relax. The best way to overcome this is to unwind and relax.
6.White Patches
White patches generally indicate that something that you are putting in your mouth is not quite gelling well. It could be as simple as a toothbrush, the mouth wash or also some food that you are consuming.
7.Burning Sensations
Burning sensations are most likely to happen when you enter menopause or maybe your toothpaste is irritating the tongue

Source- Simple Organic Life
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