Stop Biting Your Nails ASAP – This Guy Almost Died Because Of It!

mardi 29 décembre 2015

Biting your nails may cause many issues and lead you to death. For that reason you have to stop this awful habit. We will show you the story of a person who experienced quite a devastating thing despite the fact that he was told not to bite his nails by the doctors.
After a visit to doctor this 40-year-old guy was advised to stop biting nails. He had this nasty habit and was was restricted to bite his nails, because this habit led him to septic infection which was quite severe that cause a heart attack. He had a passion to bite his fingernails until they start to bleed. The fingers were almost damaged and become numb from the pain he used to cause. His nails have always been into a poor condition and have often been bleeding, his doctor says. The habit has been fueled by constant anxiety and went worse after he got depressed.

One of his fingers infected him with septic infections, thus his fingertips had to be amputated as 4 antibiotics were not able to help him. Just days after Gardener’s 40th birthday, he had a heart attack from the septic infection! What happened was unexpected tragedy and the family is devastated because they couldn’t do more to help him.
Be aware of this deadly habit and protect yourself or other close to you from unexpected tragedy.
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