Someone Kissed The Baby On Her Lips Which Nearly Killed Her! Why? Find Out The Reason Here!

mardi 8 décembre 2015
Never let anyone kiss your baby, especially on her lips! Your baby has a weak immune system and she could easily catch different types of infectious diseases. Her body doesn’t have a strong defense against viruses and bacteria like your body.

It is often seen as normal for everyone to kiss babies. No one can help it too – babies are so lovable and it is hard to resist a peck. But if you are serious about your newborn, don’t allow anyone to kiss her!

A Shocking Story

There is a lot to learn from mother Claire Henderson’s experience. Make sure it never gets repeated with you! Someone kissed her newborn on the lips and she got oral herpes. This left her in treatment for 5 days in the hospital.
Claire remembers her horrible experience. The baby’s lips were filled with sores. The infection even found way to the back of her throat. She rushed to the hospital, where the diagnoses showed that the sores were a result of Herpes Simplex Virus.
According to doctors, oral herpes can be life threatening in the case of newborns. So the next time you allow anyone near your baby, say ‘no’ to kisses!
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