She Wanted to be Slim and Popular, but Almost Died Because of It! (PHOTO)

vendredi 11 décembre 2015
El Liecov was only a few hours away from death after a week of living without food and water, because she desperately wanted to be thin and popular.

The moment she had 34 kilograms, she collapsed because she didn’t have proper circulation in the fingers and toes and her nails were completely black and thin. Her long blond hair was falling in clumps and her bones could be seen through the clothes.

“I wanted to be thin so I would be accepted. I lost several kilograms more while I was swimming and then many people gave me compliments. I thought that when I finish swimming I have to keep my weight so that my friends will continue to love me. ”
This way of thinking led her to anorexia.
At first she was only consuming fish and vegetables but there weren’t any drastic results, so she decided to stop eating. Then when she was hospitalized, the doctors wondered whether she’d survive.
Today, thanks to major life changes, Elle looks completely different. She is vegan, together with her mother and sister.
“My life is changed. Now I go out more often with my friends, I’m not afraid that they will avoid me if I gain weight and I also try to inspire young girls through Instagram. On my account I share tips for vegan diet. And the only advice that I have for all those who struggle with anorexia is that only they can help themselves. They have to choose a healthy lifestyle.

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