Say Goodbye To Belly Bloat Forever! Here Are 5 Simple Tips To Help You Flatten Your Stomach Starting Today!

mardi 8 décembre 2015
Ever seen a belly dance and envied the dancer? Most of us have. As we age, we start accumulating fat around our stomach which only increases over the years. Getting a flat stomach is a dream which can be achieved with the right exercises. However exercises when complimented with certain dietary changes can get you the desired results in a considerably lesser amount of time. The below remedies will surely help in flattening the stomach.

1.Reduce salt Intake

Salt is an important seasoning agent and literally used in all foods. While adequate quantity of salt is required by the body and also adds taste to the food, excessive intake will lead to belly bloating. Junk food like chips, nuts etc are peppered with high level of salt to make It more addictive to you. Avoiding this will help a lot in reducing belly fat. If you are an occasional or a regular drinker it is best to avoid that bowl of nuts with high salt content while drinking. It does nothing but increase your need for more alcohol. Processed foods also contain high levels of salt which is used to preserve them for longer time.

2.Eliminate chewing Gums

While chewing gums, you practically open and close your mouth which lets air into your stomach. This will lead to a bloated tummy. All advertisements of sugar free gum being good for your health is hogwash, it will do more harm than good.

3.Increase water intake

It is no secret that your body needs large amounts of water. Water is required to carry out the basic day to day functioning of the body. It is recommended that 8 glasses of water should be consumed daily. This will flush out all toxins and will help in discharging the fluid which will make your belly flatter

4.Stop drinking sodas and colas

Carbonated drinks are one of the major causes of a bloated belly. The bubbles in the carbonated drinks get trapped in the intestinal tract and builds up gas. It also has high levels of sugar which are again harmful for the body.

5.Sugar laced products

Products that are heavily laced with sugar like diet sodas, candies, protein bars are a big contributor to tummy bloat. Substituted sugar or sweeteners are more harmful to the body than regular sugar.
Incorporate these changes in your diet and lifestyle and see the exercises work wonders for you.

Source- Lets Go Healthy
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