Get Rid of Urinary Tract Infections With This Easy and Effective Home Remedy!

samedi 12 décembre 2015
Urinary tract infection is extremely persistent medical condition that can be treated for a longer period of time but still often returns. This natural remedy will help in eliminating all the bacteria in the urinary tract.
Those who have had a urinary infection know how painful and persistent it is. But this natural remedy is extremely strong with antibiotic properties.

Mix in equal portions: parsley root, lemon with its peel, honey and olive oil. All these ingredients make a healing mixture which has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties which will help against this type of infection.

  • 250 parsley root
  • 250 g lemon (organic)
  • 250 g of honey
  • 200ml olive oil
  • You may add a little sage
Chop the parsley root and the lemon together with the peel, and then blend all the ingredients, with the honey and olive oil.
The mixture should be kept in the refrigerator.
Every morning you should consume one tablespoon of this mixture. Once you have consumed the whole dosage, run the necessary tests and bacteria should be gone.
Honey should be purchased from a reliable beekeeper; lemon should certainly be organic. If you buy lemons from the store put them in water with baking soda for couple of hours.
Then rinse well. Rinse the parsley root if it is necessary.

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