Check The Thyroid Gland: All You Need Is A Mirror And A Glass Of Water

jeudi 10 décembre 2015
You can check the work of the thyroid gland at home as well…

The thyroid gland (thyroid) is in the shape of a butterfly and is located at the beginning of the neck. The hormones produced by this gland affect the operation of all systems in our body.

In the case of an excess of thyroid hormones, one becomes hyperactive, while in their absence, he feels dizziness and weakness. Also, the thyroid gland is exposed to risks of various diseases and can be substantially enhanced.

To check its work at home, you will need a mirror and a glass of water.

How to check the work of the thyroid gland:

Lift your head up and drink a sip of water. Thus, watch the movement of the thyroid gland on the mirror. Repeat this procedure several times, taking larger and smaller sips and note if there are any unusual changes and asymmetries. Note if something unusual happens while swallowing, whether something is growing or becoming prominent.

Perform this procedure on a regular basis in order to track the health of this gland, especially if you are feeling tired for no reason, or have someone in the family who has a problem with the thyroid gland.

If you do not notice any changes, and you still feel that something is wrong or you experience several symptoms that indicate malfunction of the thyroid gland, do not panic, but schedule an appointment at the doctor.

Source: healthyfoodhouse
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